A lot support for Trump

heard from my American friends so far Smile Trump is back as USA president for sure come next year.

Our mainstream going to flip prata.

He said he will be back
Not sure just wait.

wduthink very evil Wanted to lead others to get scammed 
$20 also want to scam!


I also support Trump!  Thumbsup

Trump is definitely more consistent than senile Biden.
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Trump TROUNCES Biden In Swing State Polls; Fmr POTUS DEFIANT Despite MSNBC GRILLING: Rising

350 million Americans and it's only two candidates, Trump or Biden???

Then Singapore how? We are only 3.5 million peepur, and we have to find the next PM, and so LW is the best choice...

Wah lung eh. Surely, there are easily a hundred Americans who are well qualified to be a POTUS...what happened to the US that all they have are either Trump or Biden, take it or leave it..

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Yalor. Duno why some die die must vote for rk, as if there's no more talent

Kong nia la..
Democrats jailing him now. 🤣

I dont think so ..because his policy was too divisive and tore the country apart.

(19-09-2023, 09:35 PM)BigNLong Wrote:  I dont think so ..because his policy was too divisive and tore the country apart.

Smile is confirm he will be back as president

Let him mess up America.

At least he can friend russian and china,, not like sleepy joe .. always looking for fight..

ownself also cannot walk steady, some more want to re election again..

If Trump president,, stock mkt all sure chiong one..

Trump said if he is presdient he can end ukraine war in 24hours.. i think so,, cause Putin also like him vy much.
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