Do Sticky Mousetraps Work?

Do Sticky Mousetraps Work?

    When it comes to mousetraps, the most traditional method is a snap trap, also known as spring-loaded bar traps. But that’s not your only option. Sticky mousetraps, or mouse glue tray, are also readily available. But do they work?

    This simple, natural remedy helps keep mice away for good.

    When mice are baited to the sticky trap, they are immobilized by an adhesive surface. They die from hypothermia since they can’t move and maintain their body temperature. The glue trap consists of a flat piece of cardboard covered in specially designed sticky glue. The traps can be placed on floors and against walls where the rodents travel.

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    Sticky Mousetrap Benefits

    As for the benefits of a sticky mousetrap, they do not use toxic baits, they’re simple and easy to use, are inexpensive and the mice die on the glue as opposed to wandering off and dying in an unknown location as they do with poison.

    Anywhere you see mouse droppings is a prime spot to set mouse traps. And the more traps you set, the more mice you’ll catch—period.

    The longer a sticky mouse trap sits around the less sticky it gets. It becomes coated in dust and will no longer be effective. In general, these traps are ineffective in locations with a lot of dust, dirt or water. They’re also less useful in extreme hot or cold temperatures.

    It’s important to note that it’s not exactly humane to trap, and subsequently kill, mice. However, if you have a mouse problem, this may be far from your mind. If you prefer an alternative method, you can try live-catching mousetraps, which use food baits to attract mice, with a metal door snapping closed to capture the creature. You will then need to release the mouse back into the wild. You can also try the use of deterrents like peppermint and used kitty litter.

    Regardless of your method, pinpointing where the mice are getting in to your home is of the utmost importance. Here’s our best advice for how to have a mouse-free house.

    Heavy duty mouse glue traps are an excellent method for ridding your home of rats and mice. Like all traps, however, the key to their success lies in knowing how to properly place them. Read on to learn how glue traps work, what benefits they have to offer, and how to use them to get the best results.

    Benefits of Rodent Glue Traps

    Victor? glue traps are a simple and non-toxic method of rodent control. Glue traps are inexpensive, easy to use, and come in a variety of styles. There’s no setting or baiting required to use them, so they are perfect for people of all experience levels. We offer both disposable glue traps, as well as refillable glue trays to suit your needs. In addition to catching rodents, snap traps for mice are also great for catching crawling insects that invade your home.

    Victor? Hold-Fast? Refillable Glue Trays boasts a sturdy, refillable design that allows you to use them over and over to help you control your pest problems. Each glue trap board can be conveniently popped or slid out of the tray to make set up and disposal as easy and simple as possible. Due to the large surface area of the glue traps, you can catch multiple mice and insects at once to keep your home pest-free.

    Victor? Hold-Fast? Disposable Glue Traps, on the other hand, can be used in over 10 different configurations so you can place them anywhere. Each trap can lay flat, folded to prevent dust or debris from getting on the glue, or they can be folded into a unique shape to place in corners, in between appliances, or underneath furniture. Their versatility does not stop there. You can even tear along the perforated edges to create two separate traps.

    All Victor? glue traps come pre-baited with a peanut butter scent that entices rodents to step onto the sticky surface. Once they step foot on the board, the rodents and insects become stuck fast.

    Always place your glue boards or glue traps along known travel paths of the rodent. Rats are cautious to interact with new environments, so make sure to place your Victor? glue trap in areas where you’ve seen signs of heavy rat activity. Mice, however, like to travel along walls and baseboards so be sure to place your traps along these runways in areas where evidence of mice has been seen.

    You have a few options when placing traps, depending on the style you are using. For example, our traditional glue boards and Hold-Fast? Disposable Glue Traps can be laid flat with the side along the wall bent up 90 degrees. This will create two catch areas, one along the wall and another on the floor.

    Another option is to tent or tunnel the glue trap. This is a great option when placed in a dusty or dirty area or you want to prevent children or pets from coming in contact with the adhesive. Refillable trays can only be placed flat but offer a large surface area to catch more pests as they travel along their runways.

    By following these simple tips, you will greatly increase your success and eliminate your rat or mouse problem. Are you looking for alternative methods of rodent control? 

    Many people don’t know it, but glue traps can be used for humane catch and release. When it’s time to release your captive, just add a bit of olive oil to the glue. This will cause it to lose its stickiness and the mouse should be able to free itself. You can use the end of a pencil to assist if needed. Do not attempt to pull the mouse off without deactivating the glue first.

    After you’ve placed your trap, regularly monitor it for catches. If your goal is to catch and release the mice, it’s important to make sure they’re released in a timely manner. You don’t want to leave them too long without access to food and water! Take the trap to a location offsite, at least 2 miles away from your home, before releasing the rodent. After all, you don’t want it running right back into your home.

    No one wants to deal with rodents, but TOMCAT offers a wide variety of weapons to effectively battle them. Glue or adhesive traps or boards are one of many methods for control of mouse and rat issues, but they also provide a way to uncover and track rodent activity. They can be used standalone but also can be very helpful as part of a total system of rodent control in use with baits and mechanical traps. While you always want to use any rodent control in low traffic areas of the home, nipper mouse trap are pesticide-free and do not snap on hands and paws, so they can be placed in a wider variety of locations where rodents travel regularly like the kitchen or hallways.

    Mice and rats are creatures of habit - they like to take the same path to and from their nests. Mice are also very curious, so they'll check out any new thing along the way. Rats are more hesitant to explore new things, so slightly more time may be needed for them to encounter the trap. These behaviors will help you detect and control your rodent problem.

    TOMCAT Glue Traps come ready to use and provide the perfect combination of immediate grip and stretchable hold. Simply open the package, separate the traps and place. For TOMCAT Glue Boards, remove the protective paper by gripping in one corner and pull in one smooth, continuous motion. You can also use the glue boards as covered traps by folding around the fold lines, removing the protective paper, then sliding the tab into the slit to create a box with two opens ends for the pest to run through.

    Position traps along active rodent runways, such as along walls, under large kitchen appliances, in cupboards, and other areas where rodents travel. Be sure to fit the glue trap flush against a wall where rodents will run over and stick to it. Avoid placing traps in corners indoors. Since glue traps hold the mouse in place to show evidence, you can utilize nipper rat trap to track where rodents are traveling. If you don't catch a mouse within 2 days, move the trap to another spot. In addition to capturing mice, Tomcat Glue Traps of all varieties also trap insects such as spiders, roaches, or even scorpions. After use, dispose of the trap and captured rodent or insects in the trash.

    Tomcat Glue Traps and Boards are specially formulated for effective rodent control and come in a variety of styles and formulas, including Original, with Eugenol for Enhanced Stickiness, and SuperHold.

    Glue boards (also known as glue traps) are trays coated with an extremely sticky adhesive. Often used to get rid of rodents, insects and snakes, many buy these boards as an alternative to indiscriminate snap traps, which endanger pets and children.Animals that touch a glue board are immediately caught and stuck to the board and usually suffer a slow death by starvation or suffocation.

    Glue boards might seem like a safe and easy solution to pest problems but in fact, they are one of the cruelest and most dangerous. Responsible for more suffering than virtually any other wildlife control product on the market, they are readily available at grocery stores, home improvement and hardware stores and most major retailers, as well as over the Internet.

    Manufacturers claim that glue boards are safe for use, but there are many safety concerns that don’t come on the label. In some cases, people will try to beat glue-trapped animals to death with a shovel or stick, as it is nearly impossible to safely or humanely euthanize them. While trapped animals are still alive, anyone handling the glue board risks being bitten by the them

    Glue boards are also dangerous to household pets and other animals that aren’t the user’s intended target. If the board is small, a larger animal may be able to pull it off, though they will likely lose fur or skin. Smaller animals, however, have no means of escape. Larger glue boards can entrap medium-sized animals, including pets. Cats often require veterinary help and surgery to remove glue boards.

    Sale, manufacture and regulation

    Despite bans in Victoria, BC, Australia and New Zealand, most countries, including the United States, have placed no regulations on the use of glue boards. There also is very little consumer education about these products --manufacturers and retailers provide virtually no information to alert purchasers as to the concerns that exist with the use of these devices.

    In all cases, please treat an animal caught on a glue board as an emergency and consult a trained professional. The animal should be safely contained and immediately transported to a local wildlife rehabilitator or veterinarian.

    It’s very difficult for untrained individuals to release an animal from a glue board without running the risk of inflicting further injuries or possibly being injured themselves. Even if an animal appears unharmed, they could be injured in ways that aren’t immediately visible, or they could need treatment for dehydration or extreme exhaustion.

    If you cannot immediately find a wildlife rehabilitator or veterinarian, the below method has been used successfully.

    Caution: Please attempt this only in the event that you cannot find a wildlife rehabilitator or veterinarian. Wild animals can be dangerous at any time when handled, but especially so when they are trapped and defending themselves. Please do not attempt this if you are not comfortable with the procedure described.

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