George Yeo is a China mouthpiece: Taiwan ministry

He is speaking facts.
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(19-09-2023, 11:10 PM)Everything Everywhere Wrote:

He so faithful in god call him go ask him for help lah..

kay kian.. find God,, find ownself also cannot find want to find god.

God see him also run road,,

nothing to do dont talk cock and talk big,, go help wash rochor canal,,, the most dirty longkang in spore..

SG must declare never ever in our existence will Taiwan be recognized as a independent country.

We will call them Taiwan Province.

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"Singapore issues stern warning to Taiwan
Updated: 2004-10-03 10:30

Singaporean Foreign Ministry has issued a statement warning Taiwan authorities must not belittle Singapore, and avoid using “vulgar words” to hurt others.

A small group of demonstrators in Kaohsiung, Taiwan's second-biggest city, burned Singapore's flag.[sina]
Taiwan’s self-claimed “Foreign Minister” Mark Chen described the Southeast Asian city-state Singapore “a tiny nation no bigger than dried nasal mucus". Chen also used a vulgar term related to the male reproductive organ in venting his anger over what he considered to be Singapore's attempt to curry favour with the Chinese mainland.

“Mark Chen’s inappropriate wording has significantly hurt Taiwan’s reputation before world community, it’s difficult slap on its own face,” the statement said.

It said that Singapore and many other countries continue to worry the independence-leaning policy and act pursued by the Taiwan authorities, which, if not corrected, will inevitably trigger a war with the Chinese mainland, and danger the stability and prosperity of the whole Asian-Pacific region."
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GYeo may talk too many, but one thing for sure
we have no obligation as rest of this region to defend for Tw.
Our children are not going to die for Tw.
Tw ruling politicians whose children stay overseas expect others
to help them is incredible selfish.

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