Mercedes driver upset at being horned at, all come out to confront


never honked at cars in front .

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if drive lambo lol no need horn just ram make Vroom sound

must be their lau- pei's car

so they not scared of being crashed

Why do we need 5 Mayors and 80 PAP Ministers? 

The Merc very big F...k. People on straight road must give way them Merc? Cross over single continuous white line. Stop vehicle on two lanes to block traffic. Then can alight and confront others.

Must be elites or father own the roads.

Some people do not like to be honed.
They think they are class above.
School also teach that.

I hope lta and tp invite all those Merc people for coffee. Make sure all kena demerit points whether they have license now or in future.
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In the wrong still want to act like gangster?

Before: At your service; After: Serves you right!

honked at lah. although cars hv horns, but cannot horn at others like cows or goats

ego is the issue here

a big big fine would be good

Car horns are used to honed at crazy drivers.

That is the purpose of car horns.

If dont like to be honed, then dont drive

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that's true lah. sometimes you use horn as a gentle reminder, but the other party can get angry

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