Otters in Singapore: Is overpopulation a concern?

Otters in Singapore: Is overpopulation a concern?
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Should sell otter meat Big Grin

Wherever you go, no matter what the weather, always bring your own sunshine Big Grin
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All eat until pui singaporean like to throw fishes after keeping it.
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Introduce it a Sg delicacy.

Before: At your service; After: Serves you right!
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I think they will kill each other due to food scarcity or the beaten ones will starve to death as they have to leave the areas that has food when the population gets too high. I think it is hard to have "too high a population".
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(20-04-2022, 07:16 AM)p1acebo Wrote:  Should sell otter meat Big Grin

Wah Seh!

Now PAP not only has imported foreign Human Capital resource

But now have extra local resource

Why do we need 5 Mayors and 80 PAP Ministers? 
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These they chicken is everywhere, if anyone love lean chicken maybe consider catching one and place it on your table

More like their Mind are affected
Mind control via Haarp?
we also have wild babi/s

Can farm the otters for fur
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