Residents of Ang Mo Kio Blk 562-565 bay song with their SERS,

(04-07-2022, 08:34 AM)p1acebo Wrote:  Scholars got jilo EQ Big Grin

They got high EQ to plp bosses but not for anyone else lower than their ses.

(04-07-2022, 01:45 AM)Sticw Wrote:  PM Lee not going to be there next GE... Don't think it's the prime minister's problem.

Objectively, the difference is for the lease top up. But adjusting for a lousier location and smaller unit, shouldn't be $160k difference for the 4rm flat... The valuer independent view or how? Lol


still be there as free rider

compete with WP free rider
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The comments here pricked my brain

I was reading other forums and some1 said this-

Revelations 6:5: A balance scale in the rider’s hand The rider on the black horse holds in his hand a balance scale, an instrument used to measure such commodities as wheat and barley.

No wonder Catholics and Christians will no longer want to vote for PAP.


Why do we need 5 Mayors and 80 PAP Ministers? 
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(03-07-2022, 08:32 PM)sgbuffett Wrote:  Plse watch the video closely

1. The woman said her replacement flat is not apples to apples as it is further from MRT and she will have  to take bus to MRT ...

2. Then she said she like her present home. The MP or the MP helper said she has feelings for the place. To which the woman agreed but said it's not just feelings.

3. The MP concluded it's just a emotional issue....

The MP is not listening or pretended not to listen or just registered what he wants to hear

It is Desmond Lee, minister for national development lah.

The lady got a point. It is a difficult situation.

i only heard 1 woman complain about 30k and further location of new flat from mrt.
she can always sell for 100k cash over valuations and buy a same or bigger flat in amk even nearer to mrt. like those in blks 12n side. next to park some more.
the rest are probably happy about being sers windfall.
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