Tele park L3 MenToilet
just don’t make sense.
Last Thursday night around 9pm, return to my office after dinner. It was quiet as many people had left. Before going into office, went to men toilet. Placed my phone and my entry card (below my phone) on the top flat surface where it houses the auto flushing system. Once done, I took my phone,  washed my hand and left. 
At the entry, realised that I had left my card in the toilet. Logically return to pick it up.  Nothing, it was gone. Thinking I may drop it, started to trace back between toilet and entrance. Nothing to be found try again, third time, a man came into the toilet and used the urinating bowl I’d used. Went close to him to look for the card, walk back to entrance,maybe I remembered wrongly, ( I don’t really think so) started trace back from the entrance of lift lobby to the ground floor lobby back to the office entrance include cubicle toilet. No result, call my friend and she open the door for me. 

Shared it with me colleague, she said someone told her that something is there, which is why there do not dare to go to toilet in the night. Well told my colleague I didn’t feel anything abnormal. Any way, I am very sure my card was placed at what was said above. Although throughout the whole search, I did see it  it is just weird. Before we left,,checked the toilet again. Maybe someone may have taken it.  

Continue to look for it on Saturday, no result and Yesterday went to toilet to ease myself at the same urination bowl, thinking how can I don’t see the card, if it is not taken by somebody and continue to sit as mentioned above. So, I look to right side and there it is, sitting quietly at an angle pointing to me.

Once, done, pickup my card (It seem to me the card was stick to the surface because there are moisture between the card and surface. Shared it with colleague, she said it must be that something. It is just weird to me how can I done see it for the past days and suddenly appeared again. For the pasted days of searching I told myself I much check and make sure I see clearly at all possible places in the toilet. 

Do you thinks there is really something out there we do not know of? 
I thinks I do, because I can’t explain why I can’t see the card from the first second I realised I had left it in the toilet and I did multiple times looking for it and reminded myself to look carefully. The reappear where it was found and it was just next to the u/bowl I used.

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