To be frank I also suspected something fishy when

Li Keqiang was replaced by Li Qiang.

I had imagined an internal power struggle. Perhaps the human bear was afraid of some kind of a coup, and thought that Li Keqiang was becoming too powerful 

After I saw the human bear and his wife paying their last respects to Li at his wake, I realized that I was wrong.

Li's health was not at its best before he died. Of couse this was not revealed to the public but the CCP leadership certainly knew about this. Hence, they had to let Li retire.

As it turned out, Li's health took a turn for the worst and he pased away.

I have since restored my confidence in the human bear's leadership, and I believe he really cares about the country and the Chinese. I wish him good health, and I trust that he will be wise and exercise good judgement in dealing with countries which are hostile to China..  Heart Red_rose Love

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