Travel With Tang Poetry 《跟着唐诗去旅行》

《跟着唐诗去旅行》第一集 Travel With Tang Poetry EP1 杜甫笔下的江湖是什么样的?跟随西川 一起感受杜甫晚年的漂泊生活【CCTV纪录】


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《跟着唐诗去旅行》第二集 Travel With Tang Poetry EP2 他在史书上的传记只有45字 却给后人留下了200多首诗歌【CCTV纪录】

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《跟着唐诗去旅行》第三集 Travel With Tang Poetry EP3 一千年前 王维在长安城看尽盛唐的欢聚与离别 一千年后 长安城还保留哪些他的足迹呢?【CCTV纪录】

《跟着唐诗去旅行》第四集 Travel With Tang Poetry EP4 一路向西 听杨雨老师跟边塞诗人岑参跨越千年的对话【CCTV纪录】

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Hello Buddies you are all very good I personally read your post you are all connect one an other. I like this This way is provide fun and make us mind very fresh and become Happy take peace. Desiccation is very informative for us Because Different peoples think Different so that is good way for knowledge

Hello Rose! I read your post and this is very nice. You share the nice stuff. By the way, have no any idea about the New York tour. I am waiting for your reply.

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Hi! I want to say that NY city is full of attraction and blessed with beauty. I have experience to go there and it was one of my favorite tour and I want to go there again and again. I found the this city amazing and grabbing. I am so keen to know about the local culture wherever I travel.

Hello Rose! You share here the nice stuff about the New York city. This is very nice and awesome and informative for me. By the way, i mostly want to know about there malls so if you know so share here.

Rose very well said, I also love New York City and I agree with you that this city is blessed with many attractions that attract millions of travel lovers from millions of miles. New York is blessed with beauty. You can enjoy their delicious food, Shopping, adventure and many other things to have fun. There is a list of Shopping malls which are helpful to shop as you like. Here I am sharing some names of popular shopping malls in NY this will prove helpful for you dear Oliver.
The Shops at Columbus Circle
Queens Place Mall
The Fulton Center

Ammy I also like shopping and I am also like to talk some ones That's means I explore many places Millions of travel lovers to see . In my thinking travel provide relaxation in our mind and also provide freshness and peace. I feel very happy and joy full after take tour. do you have take new York tour???

Interesting sharing is going on here according to my choice and interest. I also enjoy shopping, local food, and culture during niagara tour from new york and I have spent great and alluring time period there and want to suggest you this tour for having true fun and many other things which really matter. I am so sure that my suggestion will prove good for all of you.

Ammy i really like your destination your plan is to much good and i also like to take travel now I read your post I personally like this place I cant forgeted the greatest moment In my life I capture some moment in my camera in new York trip. it is too much good for me and my family.

Last night my sister shared the names of the best theme parks in China and I want to share these names with you. I am sure these names will helpful for all travelers and theme park lovers. Let me know do you have any experience exploring any theme parks.
Shanghai Disneyland park
Happy Valley Wuhan
Chimelong Ocean Kingdom

【Multi SUB】《中国第二季 China S2》 第1集:惊变——李白、杜甫亲历大唐兴衰更替丨MangoTV


I just love this conversation and would love to see these ideos soon.




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春日泛舟御河上,跟着古籍《东京梦华录》来踏青 感受“东京汴梁的十二时辰” | CCTV「2023中国(开封)清明文化节开幕晚会」

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