Workplace fairness law

Tripartite committee recommends protection against age, sex and race biases as part of workplace fairness law - CNA (

"The Tripartite Committee recommended that five categories of characteristics be protected under a law for workplace fairness.

The categories are:

Sex, marital status, pregnancy status and caregiving responsibilities 
Race, religion and language
Disability and mental health conditions"

Good that this is addressed but it will also work for hiring of non citizens.  Undecided
Cuts both ways...
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And who will be doing the enforcing
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animal farm theory applied.
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this law is like corruption law
keppel crimes cannot be prosecuted
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Total garbage
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(15-02-2023, 08:49 AM)Bigiron Wrote:  And who will be doing the enforcing

True, unless candidates report and with sufficient "evidence", AND only if they do report.
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