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Full Version: Beautiful aerial views of mountains
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黄山秀丽、华山奇险、泰山雄壮...... 遇见航拍中国里的名山【CCTV纪录】

“奇险天下第一山”到底有多险?想要登顶为何“自古华山一条路”?这条路又是如何被开辟出来的呢?华山奇峰 20211103 |《地理·中国》CCTV科教

《大黄山》第一集 奇松、怪石、温泉、云海都在这里 它就是“天下第一山”黄山【CCTV纪录】
These videos are absolutely stunning. I love them all a lot and so keen to explore them in my real life. I am sure One Day I will...

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Wow... the mountains are so spectacular. Climbing them must be like going on an adventure in the unknowns!