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Full Version: Sunrise in Shanghai
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Sunrise in Shanghai

Shanghai's Former French Concession COMPLETE TOUR! | Foreigner in China
(22-01-2023, 04:35 PM)cityhantam Wrote: [ -> ]

Shanghai's Former French Concession COMPLETE TOUR! | Foreigner in China

A reason why angmos are attracted to Shanghai is because of its history.

What history?

Just look at the buildings.  Shanghai was raped by Western countries as were some other parts of China.  Angmos like the old colonial buildings because they remind them of Europe.  You don't see a bunch of angmoh in China's watertowns......they will tun up their noses.  You find them in xintiandi instead.  You see them along Heng Shan Road 衡山路。


Colonial style buildings!  What else?

And you will find a bunch of them......the "bunch" number hundreds drinking beer, and only outnumbered by the thousands of Chinese girls swarming around them.

This is also the reason why with the accelerating clampdowns on China's mega rich, and whatever happened to Ma Yun, many of China's wealthiest have moved to Singapore.  There are now more mala stalls than yong tau foo stalls and char kway teow stalls combined.

And these Chinese will drive property prices up.

If you want to know what feeling like a second-class citizen means, it means just this. You whine just because your cai png went up from $4.50 to $7.80?  The Chinese opened a bottle of rare Japanese whiskey which was sold for --------truth story ----------------$800K.


Burned, just like that.

They buy Rolls Royce and Bentley.  And the best estates on Sentosa Island

They will make Singapore the Switzerland of the East.
Flower Goat eating sour grapes ah?