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LupCheong Wrote: (Yesterday, 10:23 PM) -- My 11 years old niece very lihai save water, bath 2 minutes only. Dunno how she do it. After glue back to her computer games or mobile phone. -- She knows ...
Zelensky must understand that the world don't revolve around Ukraine. Ukraine is in the state it is today thanks to him Zelensky. If he had remained neutral and not provoke Russia, war would not have ...
grotesqueness Wrote: (Yesterday, 11:37 AM) -- how to dry -- Use Steigen.  :D
sgh Wrote: (Yesterday, 04:48 PM) -- 3 year old kid means if you marry her need to help other man feed the kid rugi business lar. She looking for another man to help feed her kid so don't be bodoh. Tr...
The truth is people in rural areas are healthier. They just fall sick a while and recovered lah. Those ang mohs got underlying conditions so have more deaths and buay song.  :laughing
cityhantam Wrote: (Yesterday, 02:52 PM) -- Can be 9 instead of 6 also!  :D -- Change 6 to 9 and buy all permutations too.  :laughing
cityhantam Wrote: (Yesterday, 02:36 PM) -- 8306? -- Also can. Buy all the permutations lor. :laughing
This is one of the companies the govt supported during the pandemic. Just like sia, this company govt won't allow to fail, I think
FartSunKing Wrote: (Yesterday, 08:31 AM) -- -- Thread title says Singapore but Facebook video shows Malaysia.  :laughing
So many different versions. Which one to believe?
[[ForeverAlone]] Wrote: (27-01-2023, 01:40 PM) -- :) ( -- A perfect excuse lah. :laughing
8ighty8 Wrote: (27-01-2023, 08:33 AM) -- I predicted Apple shares will hit US$200 before yr end. -- Luan zhu gong lah. I can also say Apple shares will hit $300 :rotfl
LupCheong Wrote: (27-01-2023, 07:48 AM) -- Getting more and more jialat. Latest update from my Whatsapp group, 168 out of more than 200+ Singapore relatives and friends self-test positive. -- Sure ...
Sentinel Wrote: (26-01-2023, 11:26 PM) -- Why you continue to plp MOH PAP for fark? -- U grow some lum par lah then maybe I can switch to plp u.  :laughing
WhatDoYouThink! Wrote: (26-01-2023, 08:56 PM) -- Aiya, this is sec3 or sec4 maths, you forgot already -- So p2 = 258 x p1 You are saying that it's easier to strike 6 numbers?
WhatDoYouThink! Wrote: (26-01-2023, 08:46 PM) -- 5+1 has higher chance of winning, that's why the prize is lower. Can do a simple calculations: 1. Strike all 6: P1 = 1/c(49, 6) 2. Strike 5 +...
Sentinel Wrote: (26-01-2023, 08:21 PM) -- Toto 6 numbers OR Toto 5 + 1 additional numbers Calculate.. -- Same lah. Calculate what? :laughing
FartSunKing Wrote: (26-01-2023, 08:25 PM) -- Ladies and gentlemen I have discovered a secret EXERCISE To make you feel young and strong No bullshit, I do this exercise daily After I wake ...
sgbuffett Wrote: (26-01-2023, 08:13 PM) -- The vaccine is designed to be injected into your muscle and stays there triggering your immune system. If injected into bloodstream, it travels to heart,...
Sharexchange Wrote: (26-01-2023, 04:00 PM) -- Dont talk cock proof. I return tray only 33.50 per hour. -- Return tray earn so much ah? Got free food also. Better than white collar off...
Ola Wrote: (26-01-2023, 05:33 PM) -- Actually, why Aviation Authority allow HDB to have more than 1 bird? -- Aviation authority takes charge of the metal birds. They don't care about the birds that...
Ola Wrote: (26-01-2023, 04:10 PM) -- Do we need 12,000 F&B/ eateries to feed 3 million people? Where CECA, FWs or maids do not even eat outside? And jobless like Jac also cannot afford to eat o...
K88 shu shu Wrote: (26-01-2023, 04:23 PM) -- I want big neh neh pok also don't had. mine only A cup. -- All guys are A cup.  :laughing
debono Wrote: (26-01-2023, 01:41 PM) -- That will be cold, and we need to wear warm clothing........................ :laughing -- 10 deg and below then cold.
K88 shu shu Wrote: (26-01-2023, 02:51 PM) -- wanted to study until PhD but scare brain permanent damage. -- Study until PhD only when you know what you want to specialize in. Otherwise a degree is ...
K88 shu shu Wrote: (26-01-2023, 02:48 PM) -- O level can be pre-school principal ? me A level can apply to be principal of primary school ? -- U r A level? Then u need to study some more.
debono Wrote: (25-01-2023, 11:29 AM) -- These days Comfort taxis have many competitors and also Grab taxis, and PHV............. :nudie -- Comfort cannot depend on taxi rental alone to survive. The...
dynamite Wrote: (25-01-2023, 10:13 AM) -- So far how to see the dog urinating? -- The dog lifted up 1 leg but for short while only. May not have urinated
Sticw Wrote: (26-01-2023, 08:06 AM) -- Better still, make sure the application is only available if you pay $88888 first. Lol Give assurance of assistance yet need people to go apply. No medical r...
debono Wrote: (25-01-2023, 09:33 PM) -- There are hundreds of million of Muslims in this world, why insult them by burning their holy book.................... :D -- Why u laugh huh? Very funny to b...
[[ForeverAlone]] Wrote: (25-01-2023, 09:59 PM) -- Recently CNY visit my rich uncle came my place also talk about this saga He told me “ if “ those 6 been charged ? How the chief judge ? He is a...
debono Wrote: (25-01-2023, 09:26 PM) -- Some religion cannot practice birth babies come out..................... :D -- Can time the period mah.
way Wrote: (25-01-2023, 10:24 AM) -- ( :cr...
Huliwang Wrote: (25-01-2023, 09:42 AM) -- Study also shows that internal organs may have started to exchange positions. Human may one day eat through the anus and shxt from the mouth. :) -- :rotfl...
grotesqueness Wrote: (25-01-2023, 02:30 AM) -- my friend some of his fishes died in a  fish tank placed outside at the balcony is it due to the cold weather the fish was there also two and a ha...
webinarian Wrote: (24-01-2023, 10:58 PM) -- Not sgFett.    :D -- Is it his nemesis Fartsunking? :laughing