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I really think pinky may not know. He’s the Pm for god sake, why do people always think he knows and has to approve everything, do you think the PM really has nothing better to do than monitor where h...
Oyk Wrote: (Yesterday, 09:52 PM) -- Minister Shan would not waste his time on a non issue.  :rolleyes: -- It's Maharajah Shan. Put some respect to his name
Maharajah Shan : I just want a YES or NO answer Pritam! Were you not raiding the resetves by paying such a low rental price even though SLA says your bid is above the minimum!!
Ottoke is a F...k face who make idiots look smart
Pritam will not be allowed to explain in parliment. He will not be allowed to refuse to answer questions saying that there is ongoing review. More likely within days CPIB would have scheduled lim ko...
How would mister act whiter than white Shan handled Pritam?  I think he would end Pritam's career, probably send him to jail and made sure he is forever labelled as someone who is corrupted
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You post a message to him here for what? Are you a retard?
knn, can just paste the actual article or not
Show some damn respect man Hes a Maharajah. What Ah Shan???
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24 cans you wont take more than 4 days to finish lah
Why is the POFMA king unable to do anything against KJ?
only 250m above ground nia... nothing will happen when plane so low to the ground ---------------- As it was landing about an hour later, a male passenger opened the emergency door while the plane...
Oyk Wrote: (26-05-2023, 03:38 PM) -- Not really on fire lar. You buggers can start thread after thread but that does not mean all voters think like you. As for me, I can't be bothered where they l...
This guy always project that he's whiter than white and whack critics and opponets until so jialat  Now suddenly his ass on fire, he wants easy way out. He should be subject to x10 more stringent c...
[[ForeverAlone]] Wrote: (26-05-2023, 12:27 PM) -- :P Indranee Rajah will be promote to Minister for Law if Shan demote EPIC is " ah neh vs ah neh " -- Minister of Law of a useless jlb positio...
No one suspect OYK?? He is the most ambitious and likely to be capable of underhand tactics
Think high chance someone within PAP is the one who leak to KJ
TCH review doesnt matter in Court If sue, the court will drill the case on its own and open a can of worms. Shan wont want anything to come out
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Who can rent GCBs overseen by the Stat Board under him
I think faster Pinky get rid of him rhe better.
Tiagong breach of ministerial code is under PM purview. That's why he in charge.
Cause the code is standards set out by the PM. Since SG follow UK practices, now make sense why Pinky is investigating it (https:/...
You all really think they asked PM to do review meh? More like Pinky forced it down their throat
This guy is too arrogant and condescending trying to lecture people and acting like he's whiter than white. Good to see him shaken for once.
Intrinion Wrote: (24-05-2023, 04:01 PM) -- senior mod while you are nothing -- So why is Ottoke not a senior mod yet? It it cause he's useless?
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Blasterlord2 Wrote: (23-05-2023, 08:43 PM) -- Got wat. Teo Chee Hean is his specially appointed investigator lor. -- IS TCH a lawyer? What does he know about investigating?
like how one got appointed in the US to investigate Trump?
K88 shu shu Wrote: (21-05-2023, 09:03 PM) -- maybe they wait till July parliament session and see what SLA reply 1st. -- Unacceptable that any investigation is not carried out saying wait for parli...
Then they like keep asking you to go find the hiring manager and email the hiring manager directly. After do for them 1 time, they show a few more jobs within your company and ask you to go refer f...
[[ForeverAlone]] Wrote: (21-05-2023, 08:33 PM) -- noticed these PAP Minister, PM all their iPhone EVERY YEAR USE NEW ONE LIKE THAT. whenever Apple launch new iPhone every year you will see PM , Mi...