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First was Mah Bow Tan it is Edwin Tong.
I think the Singapore reits and likely HK property counters that have been suppressed by high rates will jump up tomorrow. Here are some of the US stocks I trade....the reits up big ....rate cuts a...
Until now has not caught up with xiaomi 75W charging.
Copy others again....this company is poor at innovation.
Yes best and safe...provided you can afford.
moonrab Wrote: (Yesterday, 06:38 PM) -- Saudi will take Yuan payment and buy China treasury.  Provided China can station troops in Saudi and protect their kingdom from invaders.  Sell all Chinese m...
teaserteam Wrote: (Yesterday, 07:18 PM) -- This guy is selling his properties in Hong Kong in a hurry and he sells them below cost. Wha's going to happen?
When if first saw this type end of USD as trade and reserve currency was more than 10yrs ago...then i went to check ever since Nixon abandon the gold standard Bretton woods agreement 50yrs ago people ...
"Better" is a gross understatement... When I see the state of USA and UK people ...I really ask myself ...these people have no govt? Who is in charge??!! US and UK are so horrible it is totally ...
On the one hand Biden has a criminal son....on the other hand Trump is a convicted rapist and criminal.
revealer Wrote: (Yesterday, 10:01 AM) -- HSI LOST 18,000. Will test 17,000 next. -- Just short the HSI for profits as Chjna econpmy remains weak for tine to come.
HSI break key support level at 18K and that will sink it to new lows of recent weeks. Pro traders eyeing this break are building up shortvpositions to profit from the fall China economy remains wea...
Around 300 banks are holding large amounts of commercial real estate debt expected to go down. These are main small to mid size banks. While they are not too big to fail, depending in how the US govt ...
How to link kidney with fried chicken? If person take the bus from Ang Mo Kio to Woodlands every day and is later diagnosed with kidney disease cab we conclude the bumpy  ride he takes everyday fro...
Like it or not it's too late to turn back.the whole economy has grown so dependent on foreign influx it's like a addict you take away the withdrawal pain is unbearable. Imagine property price decline,...
Joshua Wong is prepared to go to jail. I don't think he wants to flee. People like him are willing to suffer for the cause. He could have led a comfortable life bit he chose ths path.
Navarro is sitting in jail platting his return as Trump's economic advisor. Despite what seems to be a China containment strategy by the Biden administration, the measures are relatively mild and m...
3-1 is a decent score least no thrashing .considered okay. Singapore expected to lose anyway
HSI now can. Short as it formed the peak for today.
I am just save a bit of electricity a d using it as a night light.  Today I am using a motion detect light that comes on when i go kitchen or toilet at night. It stays on for a while before turning o...
Russia to have the last laugh? One by one leaders getting replaced as economic troubles bite with France and Germany in recession and UK in a chaotic state. Finance guru Mr Loo said that Europe is...
Russia has been striking deep into Ukraine for more than 2yrs they get a taste of their own .medicine. ..but cannot take jt?
Founded in 2014 by entrepreneur Liu Guoqing, who earned a PhD in computer science from Nanyang Technological University in Singapore in 2013, Minieye has supported 29 carmakers with autonomous driving...
Slowly free trade and Liberal economic agenda based on the Washington. Consensus will end.... The return of trading blocs. Protectionism and tariffs.
If you look at China property prices fell by 6-8% yet half the top 50 developers collapsed By right it should be a liquidity issue meaning they have alot of land and property but because market vol...
Hong Kong will not do well any more after China more or less seize control of it. That's why Taiwan people do not be want to be uder China. I am not saying this out of dislike for China its just th...
Europe needs to prepare to defend itself for Russian attack insane aggression. They cannot take their peace for granted.
63 thread is not based on truth....and started by anti US pro chjna fanboys to make themselves feel good. If the US dollar is being abandoned as they claim why is ...