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Sharexchange Wrote: (Today, 04:33 PM) -- Cityhantam is one. -- U better and more handsome liar. Lie too much :@
Oyk Wrote: (Today, 11:38 AM) -- If you can't speak Hokkien, refrain from typing it out to embarrass yourself. Gek sim would be closer to how it is said.  Cake sim?  :rolleyes: -- Mai mmnn jia ga...
There are many ways to stir India. Esp with partners Pakistan, Sri Lanka, and Myanmar.
K88 shu shu Wrote: (Today, 08:52 AM) -- me dinner eat oatmeal instead of rice. -- Must eat wholemeal roll oats and pangsai good good
i ate oatmeal and is good. But not eat everyday..
Nevereatrice Wrote: (Yesterday, 08:24 PM) -- Cheebye no wonder they keep pushing ads about fresh young armpits to me --
Backdoors. All phone calls and messaging are logged and sent back to USA govt servers. Kimdotcom confirmed.
pinkpanther Wrote: (Yesterday, 01:43 PM) -- You just go out and sincerely ask 100 ladies if they want to be your gf..chances are you might get lucky and there are many single ladies out there as well...
Tangsen Wrote: (Yesterday, 01:51 PM) -- So next erection PAP landslide victory  :Thinking: -- now must press on Shan Bala topic. Scream on expensive property.
Tangsen Wrote: (Yesterday, 01:32 PM) -- Vietbu the same -- ya man. PRC got slight different values than Sporns. A few of my friends with PRC wifey... one otw to divorce :D One complain if no daugh...
Tangsen Wrote: (Yesterday, 01:31 PM) -- after stamp duties, property tax & etc..... if you are very lucky -- alot of my classmates made money thru properties and not work or biz... :laughing t...
Tangsen Wrote: (22-05-2023, 09:42 PM) -- Why buy the a 99yrs smaller apartment for twice the amount when you can get a bigger one with gov subsidies? Dont really get it -- Very true. All want to ma...
Siambu sometimes gotta feed the whole.clan. Die die must find Msia Chinese. Langar face also take la
p1acebo Wrote: (Yesterday, 08:15 AM) -- UOB is one of the worst banks in Singapore.  I am surprised why they are allowed to operate.  My mum wanted to open an FD in UOB and she didn’t want to do ...
Stop all FT FW import, HDB goes down to 10yr average SG salary men salary. :D Make Shan and Bala explain at HongLim why they stay so big places.
RiseofAsia Wrote: (Yesterday, 11:27 AM) -- But he is originated from 湾湾 leh。 :rotfl -- 还是要怀抱主国 :laughing
Oyk Wrote: (Yesterday, 10:11 AM) -- Black cat or white cat, as long as it catches the mouse, it is a good cat. 1.  But when the black cat and white cat clash (think US and China), which is the goo...
These American robbers are 犯贱 to the max. Like FLG here
Just paynow him his personal bank account. And thank him profusely. Remember to tip him abit
I went to see some listing of landed bungalows in the popular sg sites. Seem like alot of the sellers are on cocaine... :D
grotesqueness Wrote: (31-05-2023, 11:32 AM) -- just like next to tibet YOU DICKHEAD, BASTARD, SON OF THE BITCH! since you invade tibet USA also can do it YOU DICKHEAD, BASTARD, SON OF THE BITCH! ...
grotesqueness Wrote: (31-05-2023, 03:40 PM) -- yes  for you get rich and let car bang you DEAD! -- 没家教
Putin should aim NATO commanders in Kiev. Flatten them...
Oyk Wrote: (31-05-2023, 02:56 PM) -- Historically the USA army was the 解放军。Do you know why?  :D -- not interested.
They should go underground. Esp Korean men...Gay. super disgusting
grotesqueness Wrote: (31-05-2023, 11:34 AM) -- decoupling got to decoupling cannot stop huan nuke china got to nuke china no alternative huan -- Do it completely leh. Faster leh