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Buffybuffy Wrote: (01-07-2024, 03:00 PM) -- Which road got 7 lanes? -- 3 lanes to north 4 lanes to south both direction so total 7 lanes jackhammering 1 lane at a time in a day or two...
7 lanes of road jackhammering 1 each day fück you cheehong and in whatever you do shall do gonna do your path will be cursed entirely may your loved ones never live peacefully
Scythian Wrote: (29-06-2024, 02:58 AM) -- Exploitation -- no exploitation they are paid with a more than enough salary too replace the daily training with clean oil spill exercise similar to ...
try these, go japan and tell a japanese your home grown veg fruit egg suckz to the max go s.korea and tell a korean your home grown veg fruit egg suckz to the max easier one go malaysia ...
definitely support local die die must support say no to foreign imports ONLY singapur vegetables can lower blood pressure, reduce the risk of heart disease and stroke, prevent some types of cance...
he only good at dig here and dig there and simply nothing else why you want it to use brain when there isnt one
i please you la taylor can be bought at a price everything else can too this lousy man made garden can be better than mother nature ones? remove the aircon from the dome, see within 30m...
BMTC schools aplenty volunteers too free to use, 24/7 need no lunch nor dinner provided too can abuse til the spill is done
lucky didnt enter a ceca house... definitely sad ending for the lizard
this is their culture should learn to embrace rather than complaining remember; forging common national identity is key even as bilingual policy helps people appreciate cultural roots
obigoot these jhk operated salon is outta swindle your money in the right way as they know sg gov is pro-business in the end you cant do anything to them and they shall continue finding t...
so now this president is cotton trade spokesman? no more milo?
as expected nothing new from this ruling party when they lack of money they will increase this and that to fulfill their spendings
just light it up sentosa residents can enjoy bbq together why not?
zero fücks given this is what you get for making money at the expense of others wellbeing let there be more.... every road work with jackhammering excessive noise shall generate accidental de...
invasive one like mynah should be culled 1st without pigeon and mynah hawker centres coffeeshops can be much cleaner and hygienic
luckily moi only got money to spend overseas no money to spend locally
becareful when sitting next to one especailly on a flight
oh yeah song bo?!?!
without deepfake already  malicious stupid people deepfaking wrongly should use deepfake showing benevolent side instead in that way people will believe that deepfake is misleading
will never ever be in the right mind to be in a queue and hand over money to someone else pocket they should be the one queuing to take our money only sheeps will queue to hand over their money
there is no dignity being a singaporean therefore meaningless to display the national flag even one can afford to does displaying the national flag • bring food to my table • better chanc...
volunteering for this nation is simply a waste of time
pigeons wont fly into your home nor into individual food store to look peak for food, mynahs will both need to be culled 20 years back else current hawker centres coffeeshops wont be full of p...
another failed product of mankind one who wanna show the world he is in charge of the ministry by implementing allowing construction road work all over singapur generating CO² noise pollution every...
fücking cheehong same stretch of road digging and patching multiple times in a year hopefully you dig up some for your loved ones over this year too
stake your arseO heard from some pg and boomers there was a year or so gov gave singapore shares to all singaporeans when + gdp suddenly it was stopped, maybe they want a bigger share of the ...
China should whack the hell outta pinoys pinky wldnt be happy knowing its another pet got bullied
hopefully there are much more degraded components not found by technicians of entire F15 and ejection seats failed to work at point of time amen to a less polluted singapoo