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talky Wrote: (15-03-2023, 10:03 AM) -- those most likeable ones are not takling nonsense n polite most hated are those degrade n insulting n rude ones -- Likeable ones not talking nonsense? Tha...
China phone working hard to make you buy more of their 山寨货.
Bigiron Wrote: (03-04-2023, 07:30 PM) -- Man From China Jailed For Stalking Muslim Student In UK, He Sent Her 1kg Of Pork 🐽 When he made his advances, she told him she wasn't interested. Ma was un...
She should reveal who spit on her. Rat that Commie scum out.
Dan Wrote: (03-04-2023, 08:40 PM) -- --
teaserteam Wrote: (03-04-2023, 09:31 PM) -- Let the Wumao go happy go lucky thinking it is so easy 4 other countries to accept RMB as trading currency lah.  Dun spoilt their dreams -- RMB will neve...
LupCheong Wrote: (03-04-2023, 05:24 PM) -- Fake video. I am not so stupid to believe it -- You are stupid, but not so stupid?
The only growth I see is growth in number of wealthy China families parking themselves in Singapore, and not letting Pooh have a share of the honey.
WhatDoYouThink! Wrote: (02-04-2023, 01:58 PM) -- ( Amk look down on ermaos not because of ccp lah. -- Wron...
Hope he managed to move his money out in time before Pooh gets his grubby hands on them.
Blin Wrote: (02-04-2023, 01:52 PM) -- smoked and consumed opium. -- These days no need opium. Communist thought is enough.
Sharexchange Wrote: (24-03-2023, 01:01 AM) -- Those stupud cityhantam Notdumb lupcheong etc.  Haiz...... -- 共方三圣.
Wumao strange one. Own country China take over presidency of security council, they don’t cheer as much. 俄爹 take over presidency of security council, celebrate like national victory, hope CCP ca...
According to CCP logic, to tell the truth is to concede defeat.
Can’t wait for the day he fight with people at his Meet-the-people session. Dont know how PAP going to spin such a situation in the news.
In order to compete with the west, have to imitate the west. After that just mobilise the Wumaos to give millions of justifications. Standard CCP practice now.
1,277 Wrote: (01-04-2023, 09:23 AM) -- I personally think Singapore came to condemn russia is a serious mistake, that's others peoples backyard really, let's worried avout own backya...
Why would you care to know? You only like your China Male Cousin’s accent what.
Winnie scared he catch it again? Panic like that got what use? Only cause more people to get ill and die. I foresee yet another Lockdown with fascist/communist style characteristics. Hope these ...
Omnistupid can only repeat the same gifs. Pay reduced to RMB0.05 per post.
Feels like it’s long time since Congressional Hearing, but Wumaos still hang on to the Wifi comment. Why Wumao clinging on to that comment for dear life? Wumao team backroom researchers not doin...
When they have to imitate anything western, (and then claim they are not) just to fight with the west.
Doesn’t matter since you prefer your male cousin anyway.
Keep slapping this gay wumao until he learns to play nice.
ROFLMAO Wrote: (30-03-2023, 09:35 AM) -- KNN...China school like that also can relate to Spore connection?? :rotfl -- Desperate propaganda is desperate. Any link, no matter how tenuous, no matte...
teaserteam Wrote: (31-03-2023, 03:19 PM) -- He said Chinese bank problems r not systemic and SVB problem r macro.  In reality,  the Chinese bank problems r caused by conmen running away with money wh...
This is a serious issue with the way one of our local banks is run, yet CCP can turn this into an India issue. Sick.
You don’t make lewd gay posts in EDMW or here, you should be fine.
lioncityftw Wrote: (30-03-2023, 03:30 PM) -- No wonder this CB Kia Sinkie TikTok CEO has that Communist Chinaman accent during the US congress hearing... Xia suay Singapore only. https://www.alumni...
lioncityftw Wrote: (30-03-2023, 04:55 PM) -- FTW = For The Win, a common acronym. -- It’s not so common in China.
Niubee Wrote: (31-03-2023, 01:41 AM) -- Change PM soon ? -- CCP never update you already?
Omnipresent88 Wrote: (29-03-2023, 10:33 PM) -- Paisay paisay most minister in China now LOL -- Singaporean bank topic can link until China minister… 神经病。
Bigiron Wrote: (29-03-2023, 06:16 PM) -- China’s Big Tech slashed jobs by the thousands in 2022 amid regulatory scrutiny, Covid-19 controls and tough competition
From Sam Bankmam-Fried can turn into Wumao whataboutery. 祖国万碎!
K88 shu shu Wrote: (29-03-2023, 07:42 AM) -- why TS care so much about EDMW ? -- Because his Wumao work is disrupted there.
satayxp Wrote: (28-03-2023, 04:38 PM) -- How's your factory shift today? -- He work in factory? Is he some kind of a fudge packer there?
The reason is because they stop developing liao. Because of communism with Winnie characteristics.
TS need to monitor how many times he force his China cousin to enter him.