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just sack these two fool. Got ceca to replace them also. waste our money on them.
see la. ceca la. good la. better run fast if you see one. dont be silly like our pap
let made sg a lousy country, everything will be great. start a new economy.
i think halal food or not also no use. the cleaning of utensil also done by the non muslim. they will wash the plate with the same hand, surely stain n oil will mingle, unless the halal owner wash the...
own self check.own self. yet still cannot hide properly.LKY will never allow this to happened.
these news must spread around let the whole world know. they not ashamed, we are also not scared of making them in the news headlines. the leader and the one responsible must answer to the people
i dint want to do anything with these group, to me they are a bunch of crumb. get off my ass.. sorri LHL .
then must step down. why keep sitting there and get no respect from most of us.
pap is old and useless. import new immigrant to replaced them like they do to is doom.
i think must issue coe for them to roam around sg. if not stay indoor
i think with them around is ok. now inflation. can buy cheaper. win win.
we need to find replacement PM soon for stanby. dont like LHL stay so long mess up sg . LW if good job also must vote out.
if possible , get out sg if you dont like here, which is truth. sg no longer enjoy the luxury of best of both world.
stop buying stop the price increased
vote wisely. even sg is going down hill i also no care . as long our gov is ousted. we need a reset.
bto high cos our minister salary is high. if they are not that high. bto will be cheaper, we all no need years of working to paid them
sg now very stress place. pap made us suffered. still want increased gst. better removed half of the minister and reduse their salary. too high cost for us to paid their lousy performance and the clow...
this clown is talking nonsense. we spent so much on useless guy in the house.
sg not a good place for business now. downfall ever since 2000
AMK policlinic. have to wait 4..5 hr with walk in patient. i cannot stand so long. need to brush up service there. i did not wait instead i go private one .
boycott our government. lousy cabinet that follow our clown of SG. Better step down fast, disgrace son of sg
nothing to offer as a tourist spot..lousy . better tear down to built condo.
to vote or not to vote pap, it expensive cabinet. do your calculation before you vote. Ewin tong liao.
sg is fast becoming disintegrate or already have, i think the later is more prominent. what hold sg as a nation with singaporean identify is fading fast than we thought, just look around you and you w...
must made extra tax on them la. help to reduce out pap U.better wake up
i can only blame , we have a lousy government that is too expensive to maintained. It never justify their high paid, look at our PM U all know, clown leader.
we citizen can vote them out , the only option if we dont want this high cost of livings and mass number of foreigner here.
pap sibeh quiet on this. you know i know.  no have accountability.