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Those who defend the Islamic Republic do not speak for the Iranian people ...
No wonder pinky wants to step down ASAP Useless
p1acebo Wrote: (16-04-2024, 07:31 PM) -- Maybe LW can send him to Aljunied or West Coast :D -- Not possible lah. Pinky is still SecGen of PnP and control all PnP matters. AH Wong still reports ...
Sticw Wrote: (16-04-2024, 09:27 PM) -- Maybe they air drop pork belly into Iran... -- More like bak kut teh :rotfl or drop socks with Al** printed on it. :rotfl
Bigiron Wrote: (16-04-2024, 09:07 PM) -- Iran is threatening to fire weapons it has never before used in "a severe, extensive and painful response" to the "slightest action" by Israel. -- Israel ...
Quote: --       "The decision of how to respond will have to be made from a strategic point of view vis-à-vis the Iranian axis and the nuclear program. Iran is trying to attack us with hundreds of ...
Quote: --       "Operation Ended": Iran After Firing Swarms Of Drones, Missiles On Israel "Operation Honest Promise... was completed successfully from last night to this morning and achieved all i...
Iran attack Israel. Israel retaliate and cause great damage. Iran counter attack and kill hundreds of casualties including many Assmericans. US and Israel counter retaliate and flatten all of...
Isreal and USA will flatten some of Iran's nuclear facilities. That is their targets. Once the nuclear plant is flattened, Iran will have a hard time extinguish it, with its people exposed to the radi...
Aiyah, Iran is NATO lah. If Iran attack, it means it will fall into Isreal trap. Isreal for many years wanted to attack Iran's nuclear facility. So this will be a good reason to attack Iran as retalia...
sell everything including UNDERWEAR? :rotfl
Scythian Wrote: (12-04-2024, 08:18 PM) -- Temasek says it's a long term investment -- No wonder your long term cpf OA interest rate is only 2.5% :thinking
Good lah, kill each other and wipe out each other until the cuntries are flattened. Gaza still not flattened yet
I think it is typo error. Should be $18 only. :nudie
WhatDoYouThink! Wrote: (11-04-2024, 01:33 PM) -- ( Jb city better lah, so many buses to so many places. No wonder many peopl...
Because he buay tahan that ridiculous pinky ma. And pinky also dont like him ma :laughing
Every coffeeshop owner wants to be a millionaire if not billionaire, just like HaiDiLau owner. :rotfl
He wants to work in jobs reserved for FTr by the PnP, but with better pay.  Not easy to get such jobs woh
If she dont support the white and brown protesters, she herself will be bullied and ostracised. So it is better to go with the flow
My water meter runs very fast, always above average and at the high end of usage. No wonder PUB is very happy
China prefer the independent candidate Robert Kennedy Junior
Nobody dare to swim or rest in the pool from now onwards. Got evil spirits. Burial ground during the Japanese occupation?
They take your chicken wings and give them to other citizens  WTF
They want China to sell their products at higher prices? They want China to earn more? WTF :rotfl
Aiyah, Malaisia bus with malaisia driver, cannot believe he goondoo report in Sg media. :rotfl
HO and MO worked around 80 to 100 hrs per week and on certain days they work continuously for 24 to 30 hours w/o sleep. But once they become Registrar and above, they are more relaxed maybe 50 to 6...
Aiyah, want to commit suicide also no need to get others involved ma.
WhatDoYouThink! Wrote: (06-04-2024, 12:11 PM) -- What solution did he offer? Politicians shd do more than forumers like ah butt and ah ba who just kpkb about just any problems, they shd propose so...
‘Disgusting’ China tourist swaps used water bottle for new souvenir flask at British Museum, angering mainland social media Incident goes viral after online observer reveals ‘shameful’ behaviour Mai...
Man stole car at JB in 57 sec's A car is stolen every 24 minutes in Malaysia The chance of recovery is a mere 10% on average. Here are how they steal your car;
Of course lah. Malaisai is more exciting cos of the numerous petrol bombs thrown, boycotts, riots, carjacking, robberies, theives, killing, etc, like in cowboy cuntry
Just answer how % are citizens and how many % are PR. So simple and finished in 5 seconds.  Why need to file a separate PQ from the Oppo to debate on and may take a few hours on a separate ParLeeme...
Video of ‘HM and teacher’ hugging and kissing goes viral FMT Reporters - 22 Sep 2016, 10:21 AM The eight-minute long video portrays a couple, purportedly a headmaster and a teacher, hugging and ki...
Nice to eat? (