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People who called other people low ses usually have low inferior complex. They want to boost their own ego by pouring scorn on others but this doesn't work. They will remain low confident.
You enter singing contest got kicked out first round izzit?
The majority of people he's referring to are his circle of friends lah. These people no need to do any work wan.. just need to talk only.
Maybe this year they have reunion dinner together.
K88 shu shu Wrote: (Yesterday, 10:14 PM) -- can sic contact ? me love kid. -- Then can I take the bu and give u the kid?
Temasek is never in deep shit. We are the ones in deep shit.
omgwtflol Wrote: (27-01-2023, 09:07 PM) -- He's trying to become a mod just like MikeDirnt such that he can ban people as and when he wanted. -- Oyk is Mr multiversal  :D
Short runway cannot be PM but can be DPM? Time for him to step down.
Scythian Wrote: (26-01-2023, 07:41 PM) -- "Senior Minister for State Finance and Law Indranee Rajah insists the company, a unit of the government-linked conglomerate Keppel Corporation, has not got o...
Grab is a lousy company, no innovation whatsoever, just a copycat. But founder is lucky as he has a rich family. Those with no connections will never be able to get funding.
A woman is seeking compensation from a hotel in China after a security guard used a master key to enter her room at midnight while she was in bed in the dark, reportedly to serve her fruit, The Beijin...
Pinky likes her because she's very good at wayang. In fact, if you look at his cabinet, you'll see that it consists mainly of people who are good at paying lip service and giving motherhood statements...
Bullying the weak is always easier than bullying the rich and mighty.
It's the truth that cecas dun respect personal space.
What's so surprising? I'm a sinkie but I hate sinkies the most.
debono Wrote: (25-01-2023, 11:06 AM) -- Is BOC safe for FD.....? :thinking -- Safe. I'm at the bank now  :D
webinarian Wrote: (25-01-2023, 09:18 AM) -- I bought Mapletree NAC at 63c and I got paid double after it merged into another Mapletree Reit and was acquired back by the firm.    Now SIA with rts i...
So young play chinese chess next time very fast cannot play.
I suspect our Singapore govt may be dumb enough to follow...
Tangsen Wrote: (22-01-2023, 09:39 PM) -- Then you should send it back to do a diagnostic.  I am using my 3rd XiaoMi …  My TV also XiaoMI …. never been happier -- Xiaomi TV is lousy. Mine spoilt af...
I accidentally drove into one of those lanes just now. Damn scary place. See a lot of ah nehs walking in the middle of the road like zombies. Got a feeling that these sex-deprived workers will grab an...
RiseofAsia Wrote: (23-01-2023, 02:37 PM) -- Close relative give more, not so close give less. My daughter told me his classmate received $1k red angbow from his grandparent. :rotfl  Is it too much?...
p1acebo Wrote: (23-01-2023, 07:47 AM) -- How did you apply for ChatGpt?  They put me on a waiting list but it has been several weeks already -- You are joking right? Chatgpt dun need waiting.
Dun joke leh.. u know NTUC post is supposed to be non political right?
[[ForeverAlone]] Wrote: (23-01-2023, 01:12 AM) -- I from Gen X leh , my cousin is from Gen Z  they around 20++ me 40 + :) for your case , you claim they give u 6 bucks to your kid , than you a...
[[ForeverAlone]] Wrote: (23-01-2023, 01:02 AM) -- what BS? Isn't married one must give red packet meh side note, 6 bucks also money what. I honestly speaking my parents give 8 bucks , but come wed...
I think I got heart attack 3 years ago. Heart very painful. Pain level is almost 10/10. But I never go hospital.
But having rich relatives really have nothing to do with us leh. Not as though they'll leave us with anything.
[[ForeverAlone]] Wrote: (23-01-2023, 12:53 AM) -- Married one standard give red packets mah. -- BS lah. But I must agree ppl are very stingy these days. My standard is at least $10 but they only gi...
Why cousin must give angbao? You so desperate for money ah?