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Where got free fall. Durian sellers still profiteering like crazy. MSW durians are still selling weight mostly instead of by fruits.
Ntuc has lost its way. Their mission to fight inflation has now changed to higher profit. No qualms about selling a cooperatives to a foreign entity and even giving up the controlling state for the sa...
Prosecutor only ask for such a short sentenced??? For this kind of bastard, should be sentenced to 20 years!
EvertonDiehard Wrote: (18-07-2024, 10:49 AM) -- That durian seller Ah Seng was convicted for under declaring his income, which the authorities claim is above $700K per annum.  -- They can easily ma...
Msian all think Sg got plenty of money to fleece. Just look at all those durian stalls in Bedok manned by Msian who talk loudly and think Sgporean easy to fleece. Charging exorbitant price and talk li...
Be a durian seller can earn more than a graduate. No marketing or customer service needed.
Buying from all these nearby durian stalls are over-paying for the same durians unless people don't mind being a carrot head for the jhk to chop.
Anything is good if it can help yo bring prices down in Sg. Everything is so expensive and yet our gov can't do much. Consumers need some relief from the high prices in Sg.
The NTUC durian will sell out fast and people have no choice will go to the surrounding stalls and Kenna chop carrot head.
But there are also many durian stalls nearby selling by weight manned by JHK. Much more expensive and they will try to open to show u and force u to buy.
Nothing to fear. If the voters think oppositions can, then can lah. At this age and time, still need to suckle on psp teats? Grow up man.
sgbuffett Wrote: (18-05-2024, 05:49 PM) -- Product of Italy and France should be okay -- Probably taste bad. Have you open try?
Good is bad and bad is good. All depend on which angle you look at. China think it's their right to take Taiwan by force but would the Taiwanese want it? It's obvious they don't. The status quo may ju...
sporeguy Wrote: (26-04-2024, 07:00 PM) -- Are you referring to IDF of Israel killing ten of thousands of women & children!!!!???  Please stop using the now proven fake Tiananmen incident to distra...
Arrest is better than sending in the tanks to quash the protestors.
EV is not environmental friendly. In fact it's going to cause an environmental disaster.
Now 4 countries having earthquakes are allies? Against who? Don't read too much into natural disasters and start speculating.
3 veg with rice is usually $3.50 or less. Add a slice fish is $4 to $6. Total should be less than $8 to $10. This stall is overcharging.
If he don't buy a house, car, get married, have kids but contine to live with his parents, then he might be able to get by with his savings for the rest of lives spending prudently. An amazing story.
Of course no unless she is a SA or pros. Job scope different.
She gave him gifts including a love letter and the guy just turn around and give everything to his new rented bf. What a jerk!
They will try all means to disqualify him. After all, they tried 8 y in the town council to disqualify but fail.
Much resources and taxpayers money were spent fixing WP on the town council saga. In the end it's a futile exercise. Now it's just another way. No end lah. 🥱
This is politics. Destroy whoever is a threat. Where got fair play.
Can you give someone a hard slap on his face and tell him this is not an unfriendly slap?
This is bad diplomacy and kiasuism to the extreme. Remember EPL telecast exclusive fiasco between Singtel and starhub 15years ago. In the end Singapore is the loser.
$3m exclusive for how long? If it just a short while, then it's money anyhow spent.
forum456 Wrote: (17-02-2024, 11:31 PM) -- -- Like that people ar...
[[ForeverAlone]] Wrote: (17-02-2024, 11:45 PM) -- :) actually they increase fare or whatever but at least every year they got give some rebate. I like more is the GST cash. At least daily expenses no...
Can't pay the high interest as their investments return probably can't even pay their high salary.
Kaki Kong, kaki song. When come to propaganda, nobody can beat prc IB, tok kong. 🤣
Silly to be paying so much for toxic food. Worst is queuing to eat poison.
Poor analogy. Looks like you don't know what corruption is. Our minister are paid highly so they won't corrupt, but this argument has been proven wrong. Paid more, they corrupt more as the value of ev...