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Saw there's another Homemade Carrot Cake maker - Maggie's Homemade Carrot Cake Logo looks similar. (
Niubee Wrote: (28-09-2022, 12:36 AM) -- Singapore got Skillfuture credits... :laughing -- Yes, can use SkillsFuture Credits to attend training courses, e.g. social media marketing, Google digital m...
theold Wrote: (14-09-2022, 02:34 PM) -- Need to create something. This will mean going out and mix around. Pass your contact. -- Yes, need to network around. Create a LinkedIn profile, list down...
Why need to crash in Singapore? Can't crash in Korea's road?
pinkpanther Wrote: (01-07-2022, 01:03 PM) -- What are the courses that pays you $1k + per month to sit and listen? -- Previously, there's SGUnited Skills programme. This program has ceased from 1 A...
This reminds me of Mr Bean. Actually can get nice sofa set with free delivery.  ...
talky Wrote: (25-05-2022, 12:47 PM) -- AA and AAA -- Can get from here -
Can list down the thrift shops in Singapore?  ABC Bargain Centre ABC Express  Valu$
Ola Wrote: (31-05-2022, 04:53 PM) -- Pay too low to prevent corruption Who is to be blamed? -- Anyone know roughly how much is his pay?
Instinct Wrote: (01-06-2022, 12:27 PM) -- When give out? -- Steady... steady.. don't kan cheong spider.  I still haven't use up my $100 CDC voucher yet.
7-11 or Cheers? Which is better to operate?
Migrant Wrote: (02-06-2022, 08:51 AM) -- Don't understand what's the pythons for. 😡 -- Maybe to eat? Truck driver "eat snake"?
Why not "Together Stronger", but "Stronger Together"?
dynamite Wrote: (03-06-2022, 09:04 AM) -- ( -- Which stall is this from? Looks like home-cooked food though.
lvlrsSTI Wrote: (03-06-2022, 08:53 AM) -- You must have large number of subscribers (150k at least) and high viewing rate. USD 18 per 1k viewing rate per video. -- "Kelvin Learns Investing" current...
Scythian Wrote: (02-06-2022, 11:24 AM) -- .. Poor environmental disease control Clearly, Lacking determination Same as Covid19, don't care -- Would mosquito fogging be a better mosquito cont...
kangtangman Wrote: (29-04-2022, 04:03 PM) -- Best to go to the doctor and get it fixed first. Then try to drink Chinese red dates place a few in a cup, drink with hot water mixed into it. Treat it li...
Talent Wrote: (02-05-2022, 02:00 PM) -- where never seen this -- Can get the Aik Cheong coffee here too: Or their official store:
Is this the one? S$3.90.
Yes, spicy food is no-no. Last time I had diarrhea the whole night due to mala food. But alcohol helps me to make me sleep though. I find that drinking milk or something comforting, like red dates...
Obamao Wrote: (15-04-2022, 04:48 PM) -- -- Who started the idea o...
I've deleted the TraceTogether app in my mobile phone. Clear up for more storage space in my phone.  Will download the app again when need to use for venues which require to check-in, e.g. large ev...
pervertosan Wrote: (08-03-2022, 01:45 PM) -- Hornets and bees are two different species -- Yes, hornets and bees are different. Can refer to this -  hornet nest singapore (https://www.systempest.c...
Galilo_l Wrote: (19-04-2022, 05:52 PM) -- WALANEH! They use fumigation lah  :D -- What's the difference between fumigation and fogging?  mosquito fogging singapore (
[[ForeverAlone]] Wrote: (24-04-2022, 09:54 PM) -- Remember NEA brag what breed mosquitoes project ? -- Referring to this project - Project Wolbachia (Wolbachia-Aedes Mosquito Suppression Strategy)?...
Can refer to these information: Termite Control Singapore (h...
Any reviews on local web hosting companies? Example:
Can get this - More information -
"they are seeing more patients with anxiety, posture issues and even erectile dysfunction, which one practitioner attributes to more sex - and cycling." Does more sex = erectile dysfunction?
If like this, then this film in 2013 support Russia?
talky Wrote: (01-04-2022, 02:24 PM) -- SOMETIME BACK SPH HAS SOLD buzz -- Ya, sold to Thai-Pore Enterprise.
This is the same company that lost their van previously! They offered $2000 as reward.
[[ForeverAlone]] Wrote: (29-03-2022, 01:33 PM) -- Nonsense this is why I say everything Gov so call " give " is not free . Why cannot just give hard cash simple as that all have to tag with this and...
sgxin Wrote: (29-03-2022, 11:39 AM) -- 55+18yo is only 73yo. But tot NS started much earlier as an old relative in his late 70s had served NS as a policeman. -- Think your relative is a Regular, i...
[[ForeverAlone]] Wrote: (29-03-2022, 12:17 PM) -- what digital credit??  again so call like CDC Voucher ?? on Safra? Oh man I don't even go end of the day indirectly You will sign up Safra membe...
[[ForeverAlone]] Wrote: (28-03-2022, 02:31 PM) -- heard what they give 100 dollars voucher whatever , is it apply to those already ROD one? -- It's in the news -
"Mid-career workers will soon be able to tap 40 courses in areas such as digital marketing and fashion business." "The fashion business course is a three-and-a-half month long full-time programme f...
Lowest I think is at $391. Can get from here -