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LupCheong Wrote: (25-01-2023, 06:02 PM) -- Just now someone in Edmw start a Ceca thread saying Ceca don't respect others personal spaces. The Ceca thread runs until 2nd pages with thread starter and ...
talky Wrote: (Today, 09:12 AM) -- last 2 nites attended a relative funeral wake omg can be a bomb >$20k just for having a 3 nites wake, this young mother 50yrs was alone handling the deadth matt...
Not surprised if someone managed to film porn in Zhongnanhai.
Of course la. Ukraine just frag these Wagner zombies, let Russia flash victim card. Looks like the normal process these days.
Niubee Wrote: (Today, 08:56 AM) -- Which banks ? -- Not just banks. Huawei even. Don’t blame them. They are just being realistic.
Niubee Wrote: (Today, 08:54 AM) -- IndianChief admits Taiwan is part of China. :clapping -- Mainland China belongs to Republic of China.
There is a reason why they are already higher than domestic interest rates in normal times. It’s so they won’t have to rise further in times like these. As sgbuffett mentioned, CPF rates are upward...
Putin got few excuses left for mothers of dead Russian soldiers. Maybe time to arrest those mothers too. Can’t afford to let Fascism-with-Commie-characteristics lose face at this crucial time.
Fly via Taiwan to throw off scent of CCP guard dogs.
PAP directly acknowledging suicide is like CCP acknowledging real Covid numbers.
Ask this Indian guy go China find IT work. More likely to be employed there than the local people.
Soulhacker Wrote: (Today, 08:14 AM) -- The well-travelled and knowledgeable tiongs are only a very small minority nia lah. Majority of the 1.4b tiongs are ignorant and yet arrogant, typically litt...
They should just learn from CCP and use CGI can liao.
So when even Chinese citizens scrambling to get western vaccines, it means China’s propaganda has failed domestically as well as internationally. Why CCP no do audit of its own propaganda machine?
they can’t even get Tiongs to inject one dose of their China-made vaccine with patriotic communist characteristics? :nudie
teaserteam Wrote: (31-01-2023, 07:10 PM) -- Said for development project.. who knows. -- They are develo...
Really begging the west to change the regime in Beijing to a less communist one.
Later silently beg Boeing to return to China with discounts on planes, like mRNA vaccines. 共产主义万碎!
sgbuffett Wrote: (28-01-2023, 09:46 PM) -- The economy will eventually fall into disarray. -- NOOOOO!!! CANNOT!!! Russia is the Great White Hope of Wumaos!!!
No choice. No thanks to CCP, China is fast becoming an ex-superpower like Russia.
sgbuffett Wrote: (31-01-2023, 11:39 AM) -- Plunge 1000pts in 2 days. -- 是CIA搞的! 起来!情愿做Winnie的人们!
When they graduate, they usually stay on to work there. Only return to CCP wonderland to 躺平. At least better than Wumaos. You pay them millions, they won’t even dare set foot in China, let alone...
Sharexchange Wrote: (31-01-2023, 09:12 AM) -- Yes at little india MRT train a muscular chinese guy told a CECA woman to wear her mask ....the CECA woman then take a mask from her handbag. I notice m...
China fast becoming King of Brain Drain. CCP 万碎!
There’s a chance Malaysia may pivot away from China to Singapore and the West.
Likely a good portion taken by Tiongs since they returned.
Likely CCP can no longer stand the criticism.
In China, no such thing as homeless people. Because CCP simply define their home as China. CCP definitions are the best.
Even obscure news, it is Wumaos duty to dig up and shame whole world and rescue CCP’s face!!
cheekopekman Wrote: (30-01-2023, 07:20 PM) -- 大家一起死啦! :D -- 俄爹和中共?
When they can celebrate Lunar New Year, I don’t see why CCP and Wumaos cannot celebrate Lunar New Year.
LupCheong Wrote: (21-01-2023, 10:57 AM) -- Got a few Anti-China Anti-Chinese people disrespect me by calling me a wumao dog and cursed me and my family members, relatives and friends go and die. -- ...
Sharexchange Wrote: (30-01-2023, 05:07 PM) -- Heard is Lupcheong... -- Good chance might be him. He talked about his China friend entering his behind.
Sentinel: “Pootin is my…” *WHACK* Sentinel: “Oei! Why you whack me? Why I cannot…” *WHACK WHACK WHACK* Sentinel: “Ok please stop!! I sorry!! Please!! Don’t whack…” *WHACK WHACK WHACK WH...
Scared CNN blow open CCP’s virus lab disaster is it? How Wumaos excuse this?