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The Cold War was also boomtime for weapons makers when the 2 sides stock up on all sorts of weaponry That stock is almost dried up now and its time to restock Some say Nato is a weapons sales & ...
The Cold War was actually a period of relative World Peace where all sorts of inventions were born - from GPS to Internet, to microchips to microwave ovens, etc. When the Cold War ended, and the ...
Only primary school kids will believe this ban is gonna work .. Its all about headlines
If Russia install a puppet president in Mexico or Canada, how would the West react? But why would Russia do that, right next door to the West... except to provoke the West
sgbuffett Wrote: (28-06-2022, 06:42 PM) -- It's a rubbish narrative. The Ukrainian spring occurred  because Putin installed a puppet who was unpopular and got booted out. To say putin has right t...
Manthink Wrote: (28-06-2022, 05:32 PM) -- This is a very informative Thread - Especially for those who don't understand why Ukraine issue already started years before 2022. Today, all we hear from...
Lithuania: We banning Russian goods bound for Kaliningrad to "enforce EU sanctions" 🤣🤣 Russia: You will experience "Pain"!!!😤😤😤 EU: (Got cold feet) Hey Lithuania, Russia is merely transporting g...
Ancient Nato came here for 3G - Glory Gospel Gold The gold they were after were not the bullions but spices, worth its weight in gold..they were successful in displacing ancient china to control th...
This was 2 days ago, on the eve of the historic fall of Severodonetsk
kokee Wrote: (28-06-2022, 08:54 AM) -- as above, russia country bankrupt, no money to pay debt, like venezuela & Iran soon, russian people suffer sanction, those can run road all run, left poor & old...
WhatDoYouThink? Wrote: (28-06-2022, 08:39 AM) -- they'd tried that in hk but unsuccessful. Ukraine unlucky to take over and succeeded. next tw? -- They cant even retake tiny Snake Island, forget ab...
winbig Wrote: (28-06-2022, 08:21 AM) -- Current rate is not high. Nothing much to cut -- Its the speed of the rate hike thats causing liquidity to dry up so fast that its triggering a 2008-like liq...
The west foreign policy is run by a bunch of hypocitical opportunistic neocon parasites whos loyalty is not with americans The russians will eventually win in ukraine simply because they are waging...
Rec3ssion = Rate cut Hurrrayyyy!!!! (
sgbuffett Wrote: (26-06-2022, 10:28 AM) -- China's real estate sector collapsed Collapse already that's why have rally ...the rally comes after collapse -- The real estate sector was over tighte...
Something tells me that China is ahead of the covid curve than everyone else A scary thought
Your reputation matters only when you need something from those who give you the reputation points If you dont need anything from them, it doesn't matter to you Fyi, even before 24 Feb, Russian...
sgbuffett Wrote: (26-06-2022, 12:57 PM) -- it may be or may not be. its just guessing. investors should just invest regularly -- 👌
Fyi, Russia is already kicked out of the debt market Default, downgrade or whatnot dont matter anymore And Fyi, Russia has move on. Commodities-rich BRICS is the future.
From the PM who lost the heartland to the President who lost majority One is on the way out, the other a lame duck
A lot of firms shun mature / midcareer applicants esp above 50 even though these applicants ask for entry level pay And then they blame us for being choosy, unqualified, over qualified, bla bla bla...
What happened to your "Russia full force after 90 days capture only 1 steel mill" thread? I cant find it  🤣🤣🤣 (
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British trident Nukes are loaned from US Brits have no nukes of their own BoJo has to get Biden's permission to launch them
The Frenchies
The Britishes
Even CNN can no longer beat around the bush If you can't beat them, join them 🤣
revealer Wrote: (26-06-2022, 08:53 AM) -- The market has been planned to cover the gaps.  It might just continue to cover the other gap.  Likely to be another dead cat bounce again unless Fed can wit...
In case you havent realised something about youtube vids "Shock" and "Shocking" are clickbaits
Kyiv should be in there Lots of Western leaders checking in (but not staying 😂)
Israel got more respect for Russia than for the US from whom it receives billions of yearly financial aid since Israel was born 74 years ago Why? Because Israel respect only 1 thing: FIREPOWER
sgbuffett Wrote: (25-06-2022, 01:56 AM) -- It has been known among researchers that the single biggest factor that caused crime rates to fall after 1980s is abortion. Women being able to abort unw...
"Pump & Dump" (
kokee Wrote: (24-06-2022, 05:42 PM) -- all these moronic comie source, US & NATO weapons, missile system, himars all arrived, more on the way, time for russia army to run road. Unlikely russia can l...
This is a good thing.. The war is ending.. Winter is coming Everyone win something Russia got Ukraine territory Ukraine get to wait 20 years 😂
Europe be like.. in a few months time without Russian gas (
Electric cars wont survive the fast paced economy unless charging time is drastically reduced from 45mins to 5mins and/or storage capacity multiplied to double the range without adding weight to the v...
Zelensky's media production team wanted to make a BIG story (& hollywood movie?) about recapturing snake island But that flopped.. What to do.. Make a story about giving out medals 🤣