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sgbuffett Wrote: (02-07-2022, 05:29 PM) -- When go Malaysia can ask them not to stamp on new page and position the stamp so that it is not so space out from last stamp. -- if you go malaysia often,...
sgbuffett Wrote: (05-08-2023, 10:45 AM) -- My mistake the prize was $33.60 Means I have net gain of 60cts -- i thought prize for group 7 is only $10  ?
sgbuffett Wrote: (05-08-2023, 12:58 PM) -- I tried to board a bus using my Ezlink card with more than $10 in stored value... The machine reported my card as invalid. So I had to get down from the ...
ODA TETSURO Wrote: (03-08-2023, 09:32 AM) -- Heng I prefer Dynasty Travels -- the service is good. but higher price compared to the rest.
Lukongsimi Wrote: (02-08-2023, 01:03 PM) -- Use to travel by Chan brothers Compulsory to give tips to tour guide For wang lei case so far nobody sue chan brothers he is the first Can win? -- ...
singaporean1964 Wrote: (03-08-2023, 08:46 AM) -- why no need for a 3rd key if pm say no president say yes who is cpib going to do lee sian long acvoid getting the high coyrt  judges to be in ch...
forum456 Wrote: (02-08-2023, 10:39 PM) -- 1) When MP asked him if both PM and President do not approve the CPIB investigation, what would CPIB do ?      He replied that CPIB would continue to invest...
[[ForeverAlone]] Wrote: (31-07-2023, 11:02 AM) -- just now I withdraw money from ATM , in front of me got this elderly. I accidentally saw the screen , his account show insufficient funds and he take...
starbugs Wrote: (30-07-2023, 09:42 PM) -- Lost deposit once is not enough? He should donate the money to charity instead lah. -- may be he is paid for submitting the form :)
sgbuffett Wrote: (28-07-2023, 05:08 PM) -- The HEYA plan is now very competitive vs TPG. The coverage is slightly better based on SingTel network ...I say slightly because TPG coverage does not caus...
Scythian Wrote: (28-07-2023, 06:51 AM) -- What was Tharman thinking then? -- he has forsight. he knew he would become president 10 years later.
Lukongsimi Wrote: (27-07-2023, 02:03 PM) -- Sometimes calls can’t be received -- if your phone don't support VoLTE, this may happen. problem is with the phone's settings.  it killed the TPG app.
Napoleon Porlumpar Wrote: (27-07-2023, 05:27 PM) -- i won't be going for Simba / TPG ......................SMS too little liao......... -- are you still sending SMS? receiving SMS is free and un...
Tangsen Wrote: (27-07-2023, 11:53 AM) -- Human are the real pest. everyday busying destroying earth. Human population should be controlled if not, human race will extinct -- if you concern about o...
Tangsen Wrote: (27-07-2023, 11:45 AM) -- Cannot ... endangered species. There will be public outcry. If humans cant live with the wild, lets not have wishful thinking about preventing climate change ...
Napoleon Porlumpar Wrote: (27-07-2023, 09:18 AM) -- 4G alone not enough huh ?................must have VoLTE also ? my phone has it..............but sometimes the logo replaced by ''4G'' logo leh....
sgbuffett Wrote: (08-04-2022, 08:03 PM) -- As I understand their coverage reach 100% already. I am testing for 1 full month. Alott of negative impression is from their trial period when their cove...
Tangsen Wrote: (26-07-2023, 03:02 PM) -- You want to cull them? -- better do it ASAP. These are pest.  although looked cute.
cheekopekman Wrote: (19-06-2023, 11:32 AM) -- Aunty holding a young man's hand while walking also cannot meh?  :thinking That ChowAngMoh here 1st time wait lost his way leh! :D -- men can shout mol...
why eat army stew? go and join the army better.
Bigiron Wrote: (28-05-2023, 10:43 AM) -- 狮城地勤被指假装不懂华语辱骂乘客 南方航空致歉 -- must find out what happened before he took the...
don't repair first. sometimes it is due to blockage by ice. what to do? turn off the fridge, remove everything from the fridge, leave the doors opened for more than 6 hours. turn on after ...
Sentinel Wrote: (15-05-2023, 06:30 PM) -- How come? Bing GPT never say this -- bing gpt is like that, you ask stupid question, it gives stupied answers. try to ask whether you need to close wind...
when using dehumidifier, doors and windows must be closed. it heats up the room by a few degrees when extracting moisture from the air.
quite strange story. both husband and wife have altitude sickness. the altitude is not that high, 3272 meters only.
why never sack that guy collecting extra money?
social enterprise won't charge so high. he can do any business and make $$$. how he uses the money is another issue, don't mix them.
sgbuffett Wrote: (16-04-2023, 05:08 PM) -- My monthly usage is  45GB.  So far has not encountered coverage issues since beginning of the yr . 2 places that did not have coverage last yr now covered....
no way woodland flat can fetch 640,000 in 2009.
put up camp not equal to camping. camping means stay in the tent overnight
WhatDoYouThink! Wrote: (04-04-2023, 10:35 AM) -- Better stock up as prices are cheap. Next might be 100 per box -- will disintegrate after one year
debono Wrote: (03-04-2023, 04:22 PM) -- Set meal should come with drinks, else it is ala carte.................... :D -- but the word 'meal' is not there.  so no drink is correct.
WhatDoYouThink! Wrote: (03-04-2023, 04:11 PM) -- Those robot vacuums with mapping technology are quite unsafe, as they would scan your whole house layouts and store the maps in clouds. Those use came...
ask him to propose to LTA to draw season parking lots infront of these houses. those who wanted to part must pay $500 per month to use it. problem solved. lta can bring in $$$$