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Sgbuffet’s track record accuracy is about 10% ie 1 hit for every 9 misses.  But always hedge your predictions as it is not right to always bring newbies to horland :laughing  Sgbuffet should always...
CPI will be released. Fasten your seat belts  . Traders have alot of gains to squeeze down as long positions have piled up.
Some govt will mess up a country and stop people from leaving. If country is so good so wonderful why fear people leaving?
WhatDoYouThink! Wrote: (11-11-2022, 07:24 AM) -- how to make a living like that. -- But to give some credit to Sgbuffet, he doesn’t delete off his thread even when he is proven wrong.  That is a ma...
Wow before 9-30pm all so quiet not a single wise guy diaper to forecast, Once the result come out all horse back cannon to say this and that. Like what Mark Twain once said things are hard to pre...
How much did Thai Baht fall during Asian Crisis...38%. How much did British pound fall in its drop ...38% If you have any doubt that something is now seriously wrong, look at the British Pound. ...
OnlyFans is porn Sugarbabies is prostitution. Since when we can make porn and sell for money? These guys are breaking the law. Doing it online does not mean it is legal.