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Its strange...within the group I meet daily they all voted for TKL
Daniel should come out and sing the same song again.... Adding I told you so 12 yrs ago... its still rising. Nothing has change... and sinkees just as dumb. Even a blind man can see what's on the hori...
I think Kosong may withdraw at last min so as not to dilute Tharman votes as it looks like a very close fight with TKL
His elegant wife have the first lady poise..he will be the President. The other 2... one look like 小三... the other 巴杀auntie
TopSage Wrote: (18-08-2023, 11:53 AM) -- ntuc must be very rotten to make him the boss, he cant even speak with confident, but at least he is better than  害你妈 -- All conmen can speak very confidently...
They story is the Military wants to acquire more land but the locals refused to sell....
All 4 will qualify. Kosong will lose deposit. GG and TKL will dilute each other votes...So tarma will become next elected president
Dumbfart idiots who call him a clown pls read this... ... In 1965, his father lost his job. To support the family, he began to work after completing his Secondary four education. At the time, he wa...
Ola Wrote: (13-08-2023, 05:57 PM) -- I still want a President who will dare to ask 1 thousand questions investigate on many hidden closet secrets dare to say "NO" to PM Lee or LW -- Like ...
He forgot to mention Tharman was the finance minister during Minibond saga?
I long decided before he even stepped out...
Very malu if he loses... Then join tharmasick I think???
I dare them to ban China ingredients for their pharmaceutical companies
LMW should use video of and file complain of muu..really? for lying in parliament. Must persist to get a apology to stop their bad behavior in the house
Oyk Wrote: (03-08-2023, 01:30 PM) -- He kept quiet when RK lied.  As WP boss and LOTO, it was wrong to let her keep lying in Parliament and do nothing.  According to RK, he told her to take the lie t...
Isn't this similar to what they accused of PS on not taking immediate action on Raeesah which they then called a COI ??
Tharman was Minister for Finance between 2007 and 2015
During the 2008 financial crisis, he organised public rallies for people who lost their money due to investing in Lehman Brothers' Minibond products. The rallies resulted in a petition to Singapore Go...
TKL was Chairman of International Co-operative & Mutual Insurance Federation from 1992 to 1997, an international organisation which at that time represented 123 insurance groups in 65 countries, emplo...
The ground sentiment is to vote for anyone with no link to white shirt....
toothpick Wrote: (30-07-2023, 11:24 PM) -- Statistically, he achieved less than 5% votes in 2011 election. He finished below Tony Tan, Tan Cheng Bock and Tan Jee Say. He is bottom of this TAN family....
Go read his credentials before critizising him. If you are unable to comprehend how his credentials translate into competency to be a good president then you can go vote for a monkey
NE trains already very spacious and comfy. So what's new?
How can half the Senate be made up of military. They should file a petition to supreme court to abolish it as its unconstitutional
So there is a COI on WP leaders for asking Raeesah to lie then why there is no COI on TCJ for lying for 3 yrs and even presided WP COI????
I still don't understand what ahtc did wrong compared to SLA ?
If their spouse can forgive them who are we to condemn them?
He is being exploited to destroy wp won't be surprised if he retire with a huge bounty in Thailand or batam
LMW cannot meh,,??? TCB should try again this time sure win