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WhatDoYouThink! Wrote: (13-05-2024, 11:51 AM) -- You're more like a useless fool for the anti china western media. It'd be better to look for a job than to repeat their lies and hatred toward china a...
so sad that ccp can destroy a country and drive Chinese to other land….disgusting :@
Niubee Wrote: (18-03-2024, 08:35 AM) -- Nordstream bombing kill off Germany. All their energy cost rise at least 100% -- lucky no one take invest advice from u :rotfl
WhatDoYouThink! Wrote: (03-03-2024, 11:55 AM) -- Can still work as influencer? -- u gangbang by seven bangla can still post :thinking
WhatDoYouThink! Wrote: (25-02-2024, 01:06 PM) -- Your whore parents got teach you whore skills? Whore manners?  :laughing -- ur parents teach u to be gay or you born gay? :thinking
WhatDoYouThink! Wrote: (15-02-2024, 11:18 AM) -- How cum descendant of dragons can turn into a goat? Strange -- how cum u born boy now becum girl :thinking
WhatDoYouThink! Wrote: (01-02-2024, 12:58 PM) -- Ermaos aso tell ppl to go back to china. They learn from each other -- u should go back to JB…low ses gaypanda :laughing
Niubee Wrote: (16-01-2024, 03:08 PM) -- I fucked Taiwan supporters on Twitter. F...k you too :clapping -- everyday like to fk guys….perfect partner for gaypanda :laughing
WhatDoYouThink! Wrote: (14-01-2024, 09:43 AM) -- Superstitious lah. A good god shd ask you to look for jobs instead -- should also ask u stop licking ccp karchng.. :rotfl
so sad that ccp can drive Chinese to death…really HJ of this era…
why ccp lickers so worried about how others want to live :thinking
yes, quite a pleasant place. good cheap food, nice scenery. friendly and courteous people.
Gaypanda see alr very excited…he will book first flight and volunteer to be hamas fighter :laughing
and here are still so many hamas lovers posting on this forum daily  :@
Niubee Wrote: (03-11-2023, 12:41 PM) -- My Bangla worker booked all his slots -- you and your imaginary workers….every day talk about them like they are your imaginary best friends :rotfl
WhatDoYouThink! Wrote: (31-10-2023, 06:59 AM) -- Aiya 没文化吸引没文化,in england, it means, low ses attracts low ses, 没办法地 -- just like gaypanda attract many pinkdot partners on this forum :laughing
Niubee Wrote: (07-10-2023, 09:09 PM) -- Jews are Arab in general. Look at their damn faces. Human love to separate themselves by languages or ethnic -- look in jhk face :laughing
ccp lickers cannot decide if youtube is ok or not ok… :laughing
gaypanda booking plane ticket hoping to get his karchng gang banged
Oyk Wrote: -- Niubee is a jhk!  :omg: -- he ride his motor to Sgp everyday to work as grab food delivery….next time he deliver kopi must tip him :rotfl
cityhantam Wrote: (26-07-2023, 10:59 AM) -- You miss ccp so much ah? Every time also ccp this, ccp that........! CCP is having you cok locked ah?  :thinking :rotfl -- i shiok to talk about wh...
WhatDoYouThink! Wrote: (26-07-2023, 07:24 AM) -- How many want to buy this commie product? -- bcos others can make the differentiation that not everything rotten just bcos the govt is rotten.. a...
Nicole Seah really have shit taste if she had affair with that LP :laughing
WhatDoYouThink! Wrote: (16-07-2023, 07:10 PM) -- Old already no point overexert oneself, it's too dangerous -- thats why u better let 牛屄 do the push up on u… :rotfl
Niubee Wrote: (30-06-2023, 11:34 AM) -- My Bangladesh workers ready to spit on your face. -- u sound very proud of ur blangas…every day talk about them…every night send ur gf to service them  :clap...
WhatDoYouThink! Wrote: (30-06-2023, 10:34 AM) -- ( Any idea what plan is that? -- plan for u to to get bukak...
airport is one thing…face kenna hit by airplane is another thing :rotfl