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kangtangman Wrote: (14-03-2023, 01:40 PM) -- To be exact, almost the whole world had said that Taiwan belongs to China. That include the USA, so it is not me who said that. I merely echo what many co...
England veg first turn the youngster against the military ppl, now want the youngster to serve longer ns.. Served the youngster right for supporting her.
By using the military resurgence of Japan who will be sold on the idea of retaking Taiwan, which it had colonised before, same as colonising Korea As is a fact, once Japan occupies Taiwan, China will...
[[ForeverAlone]] Wrote: (26-02-2023, 05:20 PM) -- Put it in a " Fair " point of views,  this case is consider " gossip " Media can say " different version etc " Even the wife support the family e...
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kangtangman Wrote: (22-02-2023, 05:10 AM) -- All the protests were influenced or psyched up by the American who wanted to topple China regime back then. We have seen news reports of Americans (captur...
The one escalates Taiwan tension is US.    They now wants to play McCarthy trip to Taiwan.    .
debono Wrote: (16-02-2023, 11:23 PM) -- It is shameful that this thing is happening in USA...............Congress needs to look into existing infrastructures....................... :D -- They're mo...
With their deteriorating infrastructures, more such disasters are expected
The US can do whatever it wants and all the lapdogs such as Sweden, Norway and Germany simply support even if it affects their national interests….stupid Europeans.
sgbuffett Wrote: (11-02-2023, 11:28 AM) -- Penang is very far. My last overseas tour was to Malacca ...very nice. -- Penang is very far KNN, lol, chio ka peng SMH :huh:
Sticw Wrote: (01-02-2023, 12:05 PM) -- Chinese is 华人 as well... Err you not very correct... -- 华人就对了。中国华人,台湾华人,香港华人,星马华人,美国华人,美国华裔,旅美华人,等待等等。 至于羊人要怎么样翻译,就由它们去吧!不必跟它们一般见识
WhatDoYouThink! Wrote: (01-02-2023, 12:16 PM) -- Aiya, 都一大把年纪了,还搞不清自己到底是什么东西南北 -- Dont laugh! 因为他只懂片面的道理lah. :rotfl 就以为是天理。 不然为什么,道这么难搞明白!
same thread you psoted in HWZ at least got more replies here still lagging... this forum in general quite difficult to have healthy discussion
People who called other people low ses usually have low inferior complex. They want to boost their own ego by pouring scorn on others but this doesn't work. They will remain low confident.
kangtangman Wrote: (26-01-2023, 12:24 PM) -- Maybe I have not been clear with my posting, I am just passing a general comment how the western media at times have reported with lies. Just like the Ira...
forum456 Wrote: (25-01-2023, 01:03 PM) -- Zelensky is genius ! -- PUI !
grotesqueness Wrote: (24-01-2023, 09:29 AM) -- we are all native -- ( direct link image hosting (https://imgbb....
Taiwan people better look at their colour.  Whites see other colours no up.  Now, taiwan is used by US to provoke  China.  Hoping China will fight and be weakened.  If that is not happening, they...
So many countries in Europe, like France, Germany, and then UK also get a leg inside, together with USA and Singapore, such a big gang, yet cannot stop a tiny poor Russia, a year already.. Really m...
sgbuffett Wrote: (21-01-2023, 08:13 AM) -- The Ukraine war could have been totally avoid if Putin did not decide to start it. TS, thinking is twisted ...its like saying rape victim is stupid becau...
sgbuffett Wrote: (21-01-2023, 09:25 AM) -- Not sure how true this report is but Zelensky stayed to fight when the chips were down and rockets flying over Kiev. Putin and family for sure are living...
RiseofAsia Wrote: (21-01-2023, 08:30 AM) -- But our foolish team took side and supported them.  :rotfl The only way to solve this issue is by negotiation. Who is stopping the negotiation and keep ...
sgbuffett Wrote: (21-01-2023, 08:13 AM) -- The Ukraine war could have been totally avoid if Putin did not decide to start it. TS, thinking is twisted ...its like saying rape victim is stupid becau...
he is an idiot. 1. This Ukraine War can totally be avoided if only he had simply shut his big mouth of wanting to join Euro. 2. Because of his stupidity, he thinks the world see him as a hero wh...
I tot this one share here previously? Got new story ah?
lvlrsSTI Wrote: (17-01-2023, 05:01 PM) -- -- Later own local people and fishermen kenna mined.
I hope PLA once captured Taiwan and cull all DPP and their family clans. Leave no one.
Just need one Taiwanese casualty,  Then they will learn their lesson.  Mines are the most evil weapon.  They may hit the ones that planted them.  After all the mines will be laid in Taiwan not Chi...
Talent Wrote: (13-01-2023, 04:11 PM) -- bet no one know -- then you tell lah..... brag for what?
If really don't like anyone to touch your car, best not to ferry anyone else. Can see the driver appears to have anger issue or even mental... Should see a doctor lah.
wanna boast you on holiday, just post photos and say so where lor
Another proof that Angmo vaccines are useless?
These idiots duno killed off how many would-be entrepreneurs
CHAOS Wrote: (31-12-2022, 06:25 PM) -- Did you really believed that only 1 Singaporean kena Covid during these few years in foreign countries ?  why ST only pick China? :laughter-13: -- They didn't...