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Some said you cake linked? Is it through or not?
cityhantam Wrote: (Yesterday, 09:47 PM) --
Backdoors. All phone calls and messaging are logged and sent back to USA govt servers. Kimdotcom confirmed.
Aiya all china's gd news are fake, and bad news are real.
Shooters are like terrorists but are not dealt with appropriately. They are pempered, condoned. Indirectly encouraged.
sgbuffett Wrote: (Yesterday, 10:09 AM) -- Officer said I have a missing return to Singapore. Means I left the country and did not come back according to record. I told him j only went to Malaysia fo...
CHAOS Wrote: (Yesterday, 10:08 AM) -- -- (
This morning the sirens went off on my phone, I am in Seoul gangnam hotel and a public announcement made in Korean. Just find the Korean aren’t very good with public announcements for foreigners. ...
There must be lots of mixed feelings. From not me problems, none of my busyness, to sour, angry and dulan?
With the official announcement, the Chinese station will only get larger by exploiting the modular design and hence extension of space station far beyond the 10 year duration. This means the Chinese w...
TRIGGERED liao Amdk arse lickers stooge’s work in lawyer office kopi kia very buay song hor jjww LOL LOL
WTF was the US plane doing in SCS near the Chinese coastline which is more than 20,000 miles away from home? Can you imagine seeing a Chinese warplane flying in Atlantic near the US coastline but in i...
Ahtiong pilot so brave, assmarrycunt pilot so timid? Go home and hide under mama's bed better lah :laughing
This barbaric country is a threat to world peace.
ODA TETSURO Wrote: (30-05-2023, 03:36 PM) -- I thought only China got this type of building, U.S.A. also got? -- Got lah. I think everywhere got. I still remember the Florida condo collapse (next t...
Manthink Wrote: (29-05-2023, 03:40 PM) -- Copying from others is part of learning. E.g. US copied jet engine technology from an inventor in Britain... :D -- Actually not easy to copy as the jet ...
cityhantam Wrote: (30-05-2023, 10:43 AM) -- They will say China steals and copies Assmerican technology!  :rotfl -- But they'd aso stolen many things from china what
Assmarrycunts could only land on fake moon in secret Hollywood studio
Aiya 这些殖物二毛们就是不爽。没有办法的。
Trying to hoodwink again by changing profit to profile. This is profit, not production output. No impact on GDP. Original thread title: "China : Industrial profile slump 20% as economic slowdown con...
cityhantam Wrote: (28-05-2023, 09:00 AM) -- His army is very small lah! Just for show only! -- dont worry sultan's son got a sinkii bodyguard
grotesqueness Wrote: (29-05-2023, 11:30 AM) -- that bastard child Niubee and his faggot wumaos gangs  are always full of 胡说,乱说,废话 瞎说 -- (
China doesn't go into Africa and South America with troops, armaments or CIA type funding of insurrections. Which is why they are far more welcome in those two continents than the Americans or any ...
Adding name is a legal matter and lawyers cost money.
No more American dream.  Its American nightmare 😱
cityhantam Wrote: (28-05-2023, 10:01 AM) -- Assmerica banned and sanctioned Huawei from every angle! -- And many more Chinese companies  ... yet when Micron is sanctioned by China US kpkb!  The ...
For security and safety reasons, China should stop buying US planes.
me recall few yrs ago saw Khaw having dinner with family in a restaurant in garden by the bay and when he ask for the bill, the restaurant told him is complementary and he just put the money on the ta...
Funeral director pleads guilty to theft after Indiana police discover 48 people's remains | Fox News
Ccp very scared of ermaos, ermaos very scared of hongmaos, hongmaos very scared of ccp. It's a cycle
cityhantam Wrote: (27-05-2023, 08:10 PM) -- He wants Sg to end up like Assmerica where old folks dominate political scene? -- Now already old folks dominating.