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Alice Alicia Wrote: (Yesterday, 06:22 PM) -- Don't bet on it. Will likely be canceled again after next election. -- Whether Anwar's government can last for 5 years is another big question mark!
Odessy Wrote: (Yesterday, 02:53 PM) -- Last time AngMohs print US Dollar  Next time AngMohs print China Dollar --
216 Why The World Is Dumping The American Dollar | Vantage with Palki Sharma . .
sgbuffett Wrote: (Yesterday, 09:11 AM) -- Trying to make other people happy makes us happier than trying to make ourselves happy. Remember to help. Remember to give. -- You should try to make 1...
93 Airbus and Alstom officials will be among those on the trip, accord...
Someone is so sour ah? Go ahead and eat more sour grapes lor!  :rotfl
Vikky Wrote: (31-03-2023, 10:36 PM) -- 🍻 -- I buy you coffee!  :D
552 De-Dollarization SPEED UP ! 20 Nations Plan to Replace the Dollar Trading System|AsianQuicktake . .
384 中国不丹边境划界谈判只剩最后一步,印度百感交集!印度坚决反对!印军开始在边境部署骡马化步兵! 。 。
Huliwang Wrote: (31-03-2023, 12:38 PM) -- Marcos Jr. ..... :D -- If he tries to be funny with negotiation on Declaration on the Conduct of Parties in the South China Sea, China will reclaim another...
sgbuffett Wrote: (31-03-2023, 06:45 AM) -- Drop Visa and Mastercard...and. Use PayNow for whole of ASEAN. -- Can use this :
lvlrsSTI Wrote: (31-03-2023, 12:01 PM) -- I fought the U.S. managed to develop hypersonic weapon, even NK has successfully tested it, the U.S. is still working on it? Laughable! :rotfl -- They need...
They are very angry :  :rotfl 郭正亮暴怒了 :rotfl  拜登美債滯銷 巴西總統病好著急訪習近平 新聞大白話@tvbstalk 20230330
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Nowadays I only buy 1 meat 1 vege --> $ 2.70 or $ 2.90
340 US Air Force drops Lockheed hypersonic missile after failed tests he U.S. Air Force ...
83 China's premier Li Qiang: We'll continue to inject vitality into global economy . .
LupCheong Wrote: (30-03-2023, 09:16 PM) -- Read some yoga pants threads in the past and recently but always deleted by Hardwarezone mods -- Like this one ah:
250 PM Lee Hsien Loong at the Boao Forum for Asia Annual Conference 2023 . .
India is ill-prepared for their job seekers! ...
They definitely know at what price they should sell to make profit and huat!
Huliwang Wrote: (30-03-2023, 09:26 AM) -- Ya, I think he might become a super star if he is in the movie industry. :D -- He is already a super star now, in social media!  :laughing
debono Wrote: (29-03-2023, 09:04 PM) -- If the customer is Eurasian or Indian, who to communicate in Mandarin........................? :thinking -- If the customer is from Russia, can you speak R...
Migrant Wrote: (29-03-2023, 03:51 PM) -- Why my block so different?  We even have Tamil writing. -- Sharexchange must be talking about HDB in New Delhi!?  :rotfl
831 The US airstrike came after a suspected Iranian drone struck a facility housing US personnel in the country, killing an ...
sgbuffett Wrote: (29-03-2023, 07:47 AM) -- I am not ceca ...I am anti communism. Communism almost destroyed Singapore along with south east Asia. We should guard against it. -- You simply have n...
467 Chinese journalist asks UN Secretary General's spokesman Chinese journalist asks UN Secretary-General's spokesperson (4 min. video): Why does the US have a military ...
230 【4K】《霞光》第4集:“非典型”谍战大戏 看佟丽娅演绎另类女英雄!| 军迷天下
China crashing again ah??? I thought China already crashed long time ago?  :thinking :rotfl
Wumao is fictitious! Hence the issue is fictitious! Not worth discussing! BTW, TS is a new member of this forum. His intention is to destroy this forum???  :thinking
kelhot2001 Wrote: (25-03-2023, 12:51 PM) -- Siaolang only love China + 俄爹. -- Biden loves China!  :rotfl 拜登口誤 把“為加拿大鼓掌”說成“中國” . .
1,381 DOD: Budget preps US for possible war with China (23 Mar 2023) Pentagon leaders tell Congress that the U.S. military must be ready for possible confrontation with Ch...