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No easy answer...only when you are in that situation. If very very rich then perfectly ok, even if it is 5k. For an average person not's a decision between the devil and the deep ...
Greedy hawks and sharks...bastards. They are earning big bucks but always pretend.
Soon someone will come out to ask what is good, enticing and modern?
Brainless implementation. Train the conscripts to fight against the own government. Lol 😆
Economical Bee Hoon plus Tau Kwa, fish  cake and long beans usually 4.40, just now bought 4.90. And the  bee hoon also lesser than normal.  Said today up 50 cents. Ridiculous.
Such a lame and weak reasoning. If need, surely the wife or a relative can do it. In reality, not necessary...
If don't give anything, and prices keep increasing will be more jialat.  Give better than zero. Don't give also LanLan. Only citizens will get, others zero.
No freaking big deal. If she's not happy with the venue ,then just turn down the date.
Is this an old clip..? Why so many people wearing masks???
Bigiron Wrote: (31-01-2024, 11:42 AM) -- Famous place for settling issues. Rem to gpgt or do a video to post -- Ya , good suggestion.  So solid proof to verify the truth. Lol
Another moronic video clip done to attract viewers.  Pure trash which should not exist.
Yesterday LCG no queue at CT. Hope their biz drop this year for being greedy.
It's an obvious case of blatant profiteering.  There is clear evidence of profiteering. High time the Profiteering Committee comes out to take action.
Stupid and unjustifiable reasons.  Boycott the freaking stall...I have never and will  never eat at this stall. Spread the message, let it close down.
p1acebo Wrote: (25-01-2024, 12:40 PM) -- Should sack the entire SGX Board.  Jiak liao bee -- Agree completely.  Top echelon just sit pretty with crossed legs and suck phenomenally high pay and per...
The freaking STI is languishing . Truly  boring.....a dead duck market. High time they change the leadership to invigorate and generate some new initiatives to make STI lively and vibrant again.
Every year the same freaking reasons to jack up sky high prices.  Might  as well rob !! Not buying.
A cunning and shrewd pretender.  She just wants free publicity for  her  geylang duck shop. Pui... Hope close down soon....freaking expensive.
Let them cross swords fiercely and wash their filthy linens for the world to see .
Ola Wrote: (22-01-2024, 05:28 PM) -- Yep, then tell us go to service counter to get refund Arseholes don't know the que is very long? And that hopeless Tat- Tat make how many thousands que up t...
On so many occasions, there have been overcharging and the card holders are not even  aware. They are hoping that with the new system they can just overcharged with no questions asked.
Wonder what have otters contributed to biodiversity? They are known only to destroy private properties and fishes. Attack humans.  Eat up all those nutritious fishes meant also for human beings. ...
Very puerile and moronic of TS to raise the subject matter. For sure Iswaran will be punished for his greed and corruption. Anyway, who is TS to propose? He is not even an MP, just a small fly tr...
Highly likely a fake story to capture audience. How can it be possible that a lecturer's salary is only RM$ 1900?? And became a cleaner earning S$3000+ per month? Surely there are more viable op...
Don't eat also won't die. If after eating guarantee will prosper, then die die must eat. Full of calories, sugar etc....Best to avoid if you can.
So plentiful in the market and not healthy yet the selling price is so high? After eating sure can huat? Buy  the most expensive type huat more ??
The younger sister 38 is the auditor. Her elder sister, 46, got scammed.
DPP wins without majority, so a "hung" parliament will be engendered.  Like Malaysia,  Taiwan will go south henceforth.  Sad. 😔
winbig Wrote: (13-01-2024, 12:20 PM) -- What consumers can do is to boycott those hawkers who up their prices exorbitantly. Let them feel the pain. -- True, look at the ABC HC lately with the TB scar...
Extend more freebies to old and new soldiers please.  They have sacrificed extensively for our beloved nation SINGAPORE.
Then might as well go back to pre digitalisation era. Lol Completely safe and sound.
So troublesome.... Just use digital type easier.  Waste alot of time to cut vouchers.
Most hawkers have upped their prices. The hawkers are rejoicing and welcoming 2024 with open apt justification for them to up prices more than the additional 1% GST increase. All the gree...
The freaking scammers will just push their luck with as many calls as possible. Common sense.  Just cast the net as wide as possible for sure will have some catch.
Just 2 pairs of disposable freaking calculative.  Terrible.  Likely , jealous of the chicken rice stall very good biz. Always long queue....
Bigiron Wrote: (03-01-2024, 12:19 PM) -- Remember to bookmark and add on home screen -- Thanks for sharing.  If never book mark and add to home screen ,how to retrieve the Web page.  Search CDC 2...
Thank God, a perfectly right decision to stay put at home and watch the countdown over TV. Blessed 2023 and 2024 indeed.