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Dare to believe this reason? More like trying to sell into strength bf going down. Must clear 16750 to attract buyers.
Those who r caught with their pants down might take the opportunity to sell into the strength of the market tonight before IRAN responses.
早知今日 何必当初. Is he begging for sympathy? If he is looking to stop the war, he needs only to surrender himself or continue to fight till the last man stands.
Nothing wrong with that statement. Like we are Chinese and we are Singaporeans or Malaysians, Americans, Australians or New Zealanders etc.
p1acebo Wrote: (28-03-2024, 08:27 PM) -- I used to frequent before it was sold to SPH. All the good old forums have been long gone :( -- You must be ZOMBIA,  the one who always...
cityhantam Wrote: (13-03-2024, 10:05 PM) -- 法轮大法,法力无边,天下无敌, 宇宙第一! Huat ah!  :rotfl -- Don’t get excuses.  Many of us are Singaporean and Malaysian Chinese and are not FLG members but we hated Wu...
He should arrange military shows such as weaponry exibition or military air shows, sure get a lot of cabinet supports but who wants to go ?
Bad for health. People will b so lazy and refuse to walk.
Only if it can stay within the red trendlines. Dun repeat like what happened in Shanghai.
There are lots of economists who are fans of China or the US and also lots of other economists are critics of China or the US. It would be naive to quote just a fan or a critic and try to convince ...
Dr. K was playing the piano happily in public and filming for his YouTube. He then politely invited what he thought was a group of "Japanese tourists" to join him in his video. These Chinese did n...
The World court has no power.
Household debt in China has tripled over the last 20 years. The banks are getting richer while the people are getting poorer.
This doctor who did not know who was Kathy Chow before, explained the possible cause of death using the leaked medical record. The doctor said she had had lupus before. It could have caused other c...
My friend's Dad is now 80 years old and he has taken all the 6 jabs over the last 3 years... so you think he got bluffed and will die soon? But he is very healthy today and walks 8 km a day leh.
Tunnel technology vs modern technology. The winner is clear.
This war should not have started in the first instance. GAZA can become a modern city like Singapore but they chose to start a war as they thought tunnels will give them an advantage. Now it is too la...
Hamas and Palestinians have now learnt a bitter lesson to construct underground tunnel under hospitals, schools and use civilians as human shield thinking ISRAEL is human enough and will not attack t...
Using GPR to map ground structures..
If this picture is true. Hamas militants should not use civilians as a shield in this war. They r making trouble for the civilians by covering themselves up.
These are the countries that wants Ukraine to continue fighting against Russia https://i.img...
The purpose of able persons to own and ride PMA is just to show off. They are just too lazy to walk. Actually, they are forcing themselves to become "disabled people" sooner than those who prefer t...
teaserteam Wrote: (15-03-2023, 09:22 PM) -- SWF reported that GIC has denied the FT's report about putting a brake on the China investment but SWF note that -- If I were Singapore's SWF, I would a...
Scythian Wrote: (06-02-2023, 03:31 PM) -- . If so, then the minister should proceed to sue US DoJ for wrongly accused 6 KOM corrupted CEOs. And demanding a retrial and an apology from US DoJ plus...
debono Wrote: (19-12-2022, 05:24 PM) -- Why does TS wants to post lies/fake news, what is his agenda.........? :thinking -- Some in HWZ also have the same comment as TS.
Have seen these people get scoldings from other elder passengers very often. If she can stand such scolding..
Why put the PC in sleep mode?  To start up quickly?  but a PC in sleep mode will consume about 10 to 20 watts of power.  Why waste this power?  Good to use a very fast SSD that would start up a PC wit...
Soulhacker Wrote: (14-11-2022, 10:25 AM) -- What their president said ish not wrong mah, Taiwan do belong to Taiwan people. After all AT don't even have voting rights in Taiwan wat. Even if CCP want ...
2,480 ...
There is just no reason for the American and the Russian to be in Ukraine.  Let Ukraine solves its domestic problem.  Get Russians and Americans out of Ukraine, peace will return.  Whether Ukraine wan...
If not because of the chaos in China and HK, it would just be a dream for Singapore to become a wealth hub as Singapore is just too tiny and does not have a "sugar daddy" like HK to attract the rich ...
How to get people's respect with this kind of behaviour?
Levin Wrote: (18-09-2022, 04:45 PM) -- Yup, wrong spelling by AP. -- Correct use of word, story or storied or storey..depending on which country
RiseofAsia Wrote: (29-08-2022, 06:40 AM) -- No govt will want to save property market. Japan is the best typical example. Lost 3 decades already. Dont be surprise Germany may be the next one to j...
The candlestick gap leftover is not left without a reason.
Anything can happen in an emergency.  Electricity in any part of city can get cut;  buildings and factories can collapse under a severe storm, and disaster won't happen might just happen. As Shanghai...
This will definitely be the case when the new citizens came in with much better education or richer backgrounds.  If that is not the case,  then there is something wrong with the immigration policy.  ...
No point in pointing fingers and blaming other parties or each other.  Think why China and Taiwan can land in today's position.  One always trying to bully the other one and the other one always tryin...
The 2 countries that enjoyed the Ukraine war brought about "lalong" oil is China and India. They are BRICS members. Maybe other BRICS members are also importing this cheap oil but not want to boast ...