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I think many made the mistake to install old type expensive aircon and run pipes through their homes. This is a mistake. Such air con maintenance and cost of operation is very high.Lots of energy wast...
OutBreak Wrote: (13-12-2022, 07:49 PM) -- I think they are insecure and afraid Chinese national are better and richer than them.. -- I don't think that they are insecure, but rather they want to ex...
china credibility already zero, no one trust china anymore after HK 1 country 2 system & 50 yrs unchanged promise. 中共信用破產!習近平「一國兩制」講了20次 台美英澳抨擊|外資富豪加速離港
slavery mentality of china people, in their blood, in their culture & history. 中國人的“奴性”從何而來
once I post, he will post a nonsense post to block my posts. norm, all these dogs doit everyday here. why so panic & scared. LOL LOL.