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Blasterlord2 Wrote: (Yesterday, 11:18 PM) -- What Xi said is very noble but from time immemorial, most government officials are in it for the money and power only. -- Under Xi, corrupted officials ...
limpeh394 Wrote: (Yesterday, 08:27 PM) -- his doter studied in US Harvard one year school fees min USD$74K but his yearly salary is only USD$22k -- Can go on scholarship lah! Don't anyhow make ...
307 ( want to be ministers, do not think of becoming rich. want to become rich,  do not think of becoming ministers. do not become minister...
p1acebo Wrote: (26-05-2023, 08:26 AM) -- Ahneh TT Durai won his defamation case against one guy who apologized and paid damages some more. But he lost because he got too proud and went against SPH. ...
Oyk Wrote: (26-05-2023, 12:00 AM) -- Indians are easy to tell. They are darker skinned than Hans. You gotta be cock-eyed to see an Indian and think he's a Han. I was talking about Chinese, Mala...
Scythian Wrote: (23-05-2023, 11:25 AM) -- . An eye for an eye -- Probably just an appetiser. Once China is able to produce its own EUV litho machines in the next 2 years, I won't be surprised that t...
Manthink Wrote: (22-05-2023, 04:51 PM) -- An 8 Years old warning and is getting "better" in every passing years as US exports its debt to YOU, whether you like it or not. Blame Russia for your infla...
1. China's debt is local debts. Gov can manage.   2. UAss debts are Treasury debts to international bodies and is about to default in a week.   So, don't worry for China.  .
Oyk Wrote: (22-05-2023, 10:06 AM) -- Did not remove the plastic cover from the passport before giving it to the immigration officer. Supposing it was that time of the month, and the officer was no...
Tee tiong huat Wrote: (18-05-2023, 11:20 AM) -- Why now!.  :thinking -- Why not now?
Sharexchange Wrote: (17-05-2023, 10:26 AM) -- How come issac got breast? -- Wow! This is your "standard" of "debate"?  :thinking :nudie
418 ( ( Look alike?
grotesqueness Wrote: (11-05-2023, 10:56 AM) -- Usa will send people to the moon and start mining there You motherfarler still farking your own mother on earth -- Has Hollywood prepared the props...
Compared with : . .
cheekopekman Wrote: (08-05-2023, 03:38 PM) -- Sorry my English no good lah! :D Paiseh lah! -- Then you cannot be Sg citizen hor!  :laughing Ah Singh said one!
Manthink Wrote: (08-05-2023, 03:43 PM) -- No need to apologise since we can see how lousy gov quality of service can be even when using "English" language. :D -- They still got the cheek to say ...
grotesqueness Wrote: (03-05-2023, 02:07 PM) -- All world banks support usd Cause all world banks in USA World banks don't support the chow cheese pie chai-na -- Shut up American dog !
Oyk Wrote: (30-04-2023, 09:11 AM) -- Not true. They have detailed statistics which the man in the street does not have. If you ask the average person where those workers digging roads came from, h...
严父出孝子,慈母多败儿。 I caned my children when they misbehaved themselves before secondary school.  Now occasionally still scold them if they give attitude problem.
WhatDoYouThink! Wrote: (26-04-2023, 08:38 AM) -- Not sure the driver had speeded, but for sure he very suay to be at that point and that time. If he'd driven at a slower speed say 50 or 60, sure k...
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grotesqueness Wrote: (24-04-2023, 11:52 AM) -- yes taiwan is also called china -- Yes a china province.
Oyk Wrote: (23-04-2023, 04:29 PM) -- It's "prove it"  Not "proof it " Why I suddenly understand why Pritam Singh wants new citizens to have at least a basic working knowledge of English. LOL!  ...
ROFLMAO Wrote: (23-04-2023, 01:16 PM) -- U Stupid fark, All the wealthy Chinese with some common sense are running road to freedom lah -- You mean China collapsed already?  :scream: Like this on...
More taxes for additional cars in a household. And ppl dun tell me sh*t that it's difficult to implement. If govt want to do it they can.
South Korea = international community??? Don't make my toes laugh lah!
starbugs Wrote: (22-04-2023, 01:35 PM) -- I don't see anything wrong with his suggestion. People who can't speak or understand English will not be able to fully assimilate in SG society. Nowadays peo...
Watch this video (3:44) where OYK accused LMW of causing racial disharmony. When Hazel Poa responded that it's not about race but against a specific nationality that is growing too fast in Spore, he L...
English proficiency valued but it should not be sole criterion for new citizenship applications: Edwin Tong The Minister for Culture, Community and Youth also noted that a "significant proportion of ...
Indians feel more like home in Australia (
Manthink Wrote: (16-04-2023, 03:17 PM) -- It has always been that way - just that the Chinese was (and still is) developing towards a more open financial system. That's why SG is one of the few count...
Oyk Wrote: (17-04-2023, 09:09 AM) -- ( -- What else can you retort besides posting nonsensical jpegs?   :laughing
Manthink Wrote: (16-04-2023, 06:39 PM) -- yeah...can see poster Oyk ( , for better or for worst,  tend to be overly judgemental (and emotional) against those who he disagr...
This one is puppet of Assmerica : .  .