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Aiya u all cannot do anything. Just go work your 8-6 until die run the wheels for them
XiXiPee Wrote: (09-07-2023, 11:46 PM) -- EDMW mods damn cb one. kick ka ki lang out then let foreigners in now they also confuse and mess up liao. just like in real life. sibeh jialat. I use r/sgraw ...
Enter your credit card numbers for scam 😁
Oyk Wrote: (28-06-2023, 09:50 AM) -- Assuming and let us say assuming they are sinkiebu, and 76 of them opened their legs wide wide for him, can we conclude that: 1.Women do like sex though they d...
Bigiron Wrote: (28-06-2023, 06:39 AM) -- 8 months' jail for man who used hidden camera to film 76 women having sex with him
Hope u all got eat their sai they wipe with their left hand then flip your prata 😁
Cheebye cheap skate. No money still go smlj clubbing
118 ( ( They bring their China tw nonsense into sg forum. At least he identified...
Alice Alicia Wrote: (25-06-2023, 03:44 PM) -- Something to do with the perfume they put on and the flowers they bathe in. -- How maids tahan how Alicia low tahan sial!
One walk pass me i can swear the bawu damn knn! Local Indian bros no smell at all.
Beh sian ah? Keep reading these type of retarded news since the war start. First is Russia losing then putin assassinated
Fucking scam still spreading. Those normal quality msw still same price. Lousy durian only dog eat is cheap i agree
U guys don't have clone? I have 23 clones in sleeping mode
Can see her panty shape 😁 confirm got tatoo on her back of her hips sibei sexy ah lian give gd bjs and nt scared to swallow
They also hold multiple directorship positions ley knn this bard
Bec unemployment rates in us hit new record high Also the hikes will spark a recession which is unavoidable if it were to bring down inflation. There are still 2-3 more hikes to go.
Song bo last time lky era where got such joke policy. Vote out the person who suggested this
They wear what color underwear anybody manage to see
Sickman of Asia. Real man play us market
If not hypocrite won't have inherit all the sex skills make your dad pew pew give birth to u while acting demure