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When a group of singaporeans have a good thing going it's a matter of time before another group call them out and spoil everything.
How come after he becomes president, his brain also becomes koyak
We paying a president so much to tell us such things? Doesn’t he has something better to share with us?
It's not OK if free. But if you pay like the plastic bags then you're saving the earth
Ex national sprinter this their kid sure can run super fast.
ODA TETSURO Wrote: (10-06-2024, 11:33 AM) -- Using charcoal to cook can produce good flavours. -- whatever food n drinks  n medicine u brew with charcoal n wood the taste is still much better than ...
Charcoal cooking no need full attention all the time lah!
Mexican chihuahua? Looks sick
Only $2.50 nia! I am very happy with the price!  :D
3.40 to 4.15 is 20+% increase. How did they calculate 6% inflation?
cheekopekman Wrote: (23-05-2024, 07:04 PM) -- Still counting lah! :D -- Not to mention this bird bird visit HDB estate recently also (https://ibb....
Take over so many tai jee. So many incidents. Tower bus hit barrier at Changi T3, SBS bus hit trailer truck AMK, SQ turbulence incident, firefighter die at sea :(
no worry days ago annouced great achievement of 8-month bonu$e$ they can definitely afford the compensation whatever the amount it may be hope they can continue to brag further
15 of 19 voted for Mickey. Ownself cannot vote ownself so 3 didn't vote for him. And none of the other options got more than 2 votes. So probably CCS got 2 (indomee, pinky), OYK got 1 (ccs)
sgbuffett Wrote: (16-05-2024, 07:34 AM) -- Not choosing CCS is a mistake made by PAP.... -- His big mistake is cannot keep secret. 犯了兵家大忌。
theold Wrote: (15-05-2024, 01:11 PM) -- If it is freehold, it is good. It is hard to find such properties nowadays. -- JB properties majority are a scam ... forest city is the biggest
If it is freehold, it is good. It is hard to find such properties nowadays.
Ali Imran Wrote: (13-05-2024, 11:46 AM) -- Were you born into a Christian family or did you convert? -- Not born Christian I dreamt of Christ when I was a kid,his voice strong,echos slow..standing ...
Ali Imran Wrote: (12-05-2024, 08:04 PM) -- No, I did not read all 73 books. That is quite a task. You cannot get the whole picture from the Bible. No denominations can say they have the whole pictur...
[[ForeverAlone]] dateline='[url=tel:1715567090' Wrote: -- 1715567090[/url]'] Obviously, just like how LKY put Goh C T first as PM later come the " Real " PM aka LHL his son... Now LHL claim " h...
Ali Imran Wrote: (12-05-2024, 05:44 PM) -- If you go elsewhere, the Eastern Orthodox Christians have even more books in their Bible, more than 80 I think. -- I didn't know that leh, Ali! :D
But we are ‘very saddened’ by your attitude and performance as a ministar.
luncheonmeat Wrote: (08-05-2024, 10:31 PM) -- How izit possible? The lizard iz going to retaliate and bite the fella. plus the lizard iz flat on the ground with its opening hidden by iz tail. Can som...
EvertonDiehard Wrote: (08-05-2024, 10:31 PM) -- How did the 4 men in India manage to gang rape a monitor lizard with such sharp teeth and claws without getting their dicks bitten off? https://stat...
Clyde Wrote: (08-05-2024, 06:39 PM) -- There was one civil servant being jailed for false claims for pineapple tarts. -- Chief Protocol Officer.  No less.  Since he is into protocols he dunno proto...
is iswalan an idiot? how can he be a ministir in the first place? tax payers should demand a full refund of his salaries
luncheonmeat Wrote: (08-05-2024, 01:20 PM) -- :laughing :laughing Sorry, my dialect jin bad, what iz bahtoh? -- Betray or bunkinfe
luncheonmeat Wrote: (03-05-2024, 06:33 PM) -- So why did God decree death for adulterers, shouldn't they be given a chance to repent as well.  In Christianity, forgiveness does not equal write-offs,...
I don't see a big problem with the unit. I was expecting the place to be trashed. Just throw out all the personal stuff left behind and it's done. This agent is really JLB to complain. Wait till he se...
Ali Imran Wrote: (03-05-2024, 09:13 AM) -- This is one where it baffles scholars. In the Bible we read of God's command to Abraham to sacrifice his only son Isaac. But Isaac was never an only son. Ho...
The courts may be on their side but public opinion is against them :)
This is the only country that its own citizens drive grab, food delivery and become security guards to serve the CECA overlords. In other countries e.g. the US it is always the FTs that drive the US ...
Migrant Wrote: (22-04-2024, 09:42 PM) -- Yes vote wisely.  No more Lee, it the Wong Dynasty.  Wong wong wong. -- How many children does he have ,to create his dynasty?
sgbuffett Wrote: (23-04-2024, 06:19 AM) -- If he is a coward he will just keep quiet and not even speak up and Singaporeans won't know the truth. He has enough money from his Razer investments to enj...
He thought he had planned the perfect murder by luring the victim to Spain. Credits to the Spanish police for cracking the case based on a blurry pic of the car. How much money isat stake for him t...