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I am using canva(and its free) to do up my presentation slides. can consider this alternatively too~
Cmpunk Wrote: (28-03-2023, 08:33 AM) -- Where can I find a easy way to learn power slides? -- try youtube. i learned from there. not a beginner but most of the tutorials there helped to elevate the...
when i was young and poor, we often go to bread shop downstair a few houses away and ask for bread skin to eat, i stay at tanjiong pagar. peak seah street those 2 storey house, the towkay is vy kin...
Here's the highlights of the match. Ironically, HK progress further than big brother China who was knocked out by Korea,
p1acebo Wrote: (27-09-2023, 09:52 AM) -- Populist move due to upcoming elections :laughing -- he will not gain votes from current unemployed because they have been neglected for years. he will o...
singaporean1964 Wrote: (20-09-2023, 06:34 PM) -- found a plumber in the carosell he said come at betweeb 10 to 12am but at 11.45 still hasnt show up i call him he say still got 15min mah sinc...
[[ForeverAlone]] Wrote: (17-09-2023, 07:18 PM) -- heard " rumours got top bankers inside various banks been investigated " just that mainstream media never report. again " image purpose , control ...
Scythian Wrote: (17-09-2023, 07:15 PM) -- A lot of bankers involved -- heard " rumours got top bankers inside various banks been investigated " just that mainstream media never report. again " i...
At least she got to view some trees instead of CubeSmart Self Storage on the other side.
A total of 67 per cent of respondents polled in July reported that they plan to increase wages over the next 12 months, with an average rise of 6 per cent. Another 32 per cent of firms said they pl...
I’ve said it before. I have visited Forest City just 6 months ago. It’s a ghost town. Imagine Seng Kang or Punggol but you are the only soul. Security guards salute when they see you. Salute that the...
Next Presi will. be a reserved one ….. and this might be the candidate. Singapore Ambassador of Disunited Shite of Assmericunt …. (
Sline Wrote: (01-09-2023, 05:41 PM) -- My ground survey many had voted for Tharman though the forum here emphasising on the independency showed otherwise. -- The forum mostly kaki gong kaki song wa...
sgbuffett Wrote: (30-08-2023, 02:46 PM) -- This leave me with NKS and TKL. I am very surprised at how eloquent NKS is when he speaks. He almost has the charisma of LKY. He also has relevant experi...
SGMarket Wrote: (28-08-2023, 05:42 PM) -- The percentage of votes, as conducted in our semi-official POLL are as follows THL = 62.2% Tharma = 23.5% NKS = 5.1% Blank votes/Undecided =9.1% SEE F...
Because DBS stands for Delhi Bank of Sewage …… Vote wisely (
Sentinel Wrote: (23-08-2023, 11:24 PM) -- No Sinkiepoor? Have you been hiding under a rock all this while? Precisely it's not a game, that's why we must opt for change, and not MORE OF THE SAME...
Sentinel Wrote: (23-08-2023, 10:59 PM) -- Previously you say he will get Sinkiepoor into power, now you graduate to say get himself into trouble Make up your mind It is the start of another smear c...
Recently one must be China side inform local authorities I doubt local authorities know themselves zzzz partly now this current Govt lead LHL is sleeping all along. They only concern getting more t...
Who is the best keeper? (
Aiyoh cut ministers pay lor. Already proven that high pay does not eradicate corruption what? Save some money , reserves will be healthier immediately.
winbig Wrote: (17-08-2023, 07:23 AM) -- All high ranking civil servants and politicians take a severe pay cut and reserves can be built up very quickly.  :laughing -- A brilliant contribution :c...
Sentinel Wrote: (16-08-2023, 11:00 AM) -- Anyone with GY support, can forget it, this dude has zero foresight and is a complain king, a failure in everything he does Yet think too highly of himself,...
Sharexchange Wrote: (16-08-2023, 12:49 PM) -- Tharman will win. Only him can stop CECA. -- Both sentences should never be allowed to be placed together side by side
Wy:Nox Wrote: (15-08-2023, 06:01 PM) -- PaP is making the same error repeatedly. They should issue Pink ICs to those foreigners with 3 children who are below 10 years old instead. -- Sticw Wrote: ...
If he’s really not a mole, he should step aside in an event of more than 2 candidates receiving the COE. If not, he’s just a wayang puppet..
adam khooo also jump on the AI bandwagon not to teach AI BUT TO IDENTIFY WHICH COMPANY IVOLVED IN ai they buy the stock...he call it the 7th wave
it was chargeing 4dollars 3yrs ago but recently was $6 now its gone I remember the shop own by a china man who came here and started a chain of fishball mee and reported in the newspaper.he m...
Nin Nao Heah. He open mouth say help means price will only go one direction. Need to spell it?
[[ForeverAlone]] Wrote: (06-08-2023, 06:47 PM) -- :) he stay in landed house one. -- Could have up lorry together with notdumb and debono :(
Sue for damage to this Wanglei la..make him bankrupt again..since he already used to Pok kai
Gemstar Wrote: (01-08-2023, 12:21 AM) -- It is the sunshine empire.  They hold the presentation talks at the HDB Hub. Many counters collecting hard cash from customers. I was                       al...
Cmpunk Wrote: (31-07-2023, 11:14 PM) -- FT no jobs they will complain even more than local -- Yes They shouted at me stating WITHOUT FT YOU SINGKIES WILL DIE!
Why wasting everyone's time electing a President to do nothing just to hold a key for 6 years? You think Singaporeans have nothing better to do is it? Think about it.
You dont know void deck is their golden goose meh. Funeral and wedding party can be hold in the void deck.
I know FA is yearning to get into the circle of the rich but I've to tell him that this is fated. If you're not meant to have it no matter how hard u try u wouldn't get it.