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sgbuffett Wrote: (Yesterday, 12:59 PM) -- HSI again appear unable to sustain rally after breaking downtrend line and showing it has reversed. Pro traders will be sidelined to wait for confirmation...
Despite recent challenges, the company's restructuring efforts and attractive valuation make it a strong buy for 2024. Read more hereūüí°
I bet goalless full time ....extra time 1-1 & Penalty kick England 3- Spain 2
Dont ear too much durian, high in carb can cause cancer. eat papaya and pineapple,, dont say i never warn u all, wait kana cancer dont cry, worse than dying if yr kkj like mine bo lat. watch po...
Nothing changed fundamentally. The rally today likely to be a test of support. HSI will fall again if the test of breaking the resistance failed in the next few days.
Won't think their rescue methods of patching here and there will work. There are too many "leaks" and small patching up will not work.
As long as the private sectors are heavily in debt,  the economy and therefore the stock markets will not go much higher.  Quote: -- The private sector contributes more than 50 percent of the t...
Looks like any standard pattern. Shortists earn kao siao.
sgbuffett Wrote: (04-07-2024, 02:19 PM) -- I  am not talking about those one off CDC vouchers. I am also open to any views on this. My objective views.are: 1. Cost of living..worsen alot. 2...
EvertonDiehard Wrote: (06-07-2024, 11:09 AM) -- The worrying fact is the absence of a credible Opposition since political persecution has stunted the growth of opposing voices. That is why 55 - 60% o...
China Government bonds (CGB) on fire now. Pple r selling their stocks to buy CGB. Dun hold yr stocks. Sure die one.
For one thing most crucial that I know. Locals are been side-lined and they adore and embrace FTs with open arms. I wil never supports these pappies who are not concerns abt our livelihoods. My future...
Lost the direction lah. A country with no own soul. Chasing artificial growth.
Din know "blue & white porcelain" is a China national song …. beautiful. These students from Qingdao sang so …. touching
sgbuffett Wrote: (30-06-2024, 09:38 AM) -- POFMA us a implemented by the PAP to distort the truth. Did people read the article before commenting this is the reason  POFMA  https://i....
I am ready … last month I had a minor reno …. all my lightings old so decided to change. Go shop buy all LED lightings and ask my contractors replace  :laughing
Believe the PRCs will be going through the 5 stages of grief just like what the Japanese have gone through for the last 3 decades.  They were at the stage of denial just like the Japanese had many yea...
CCP few top men can't wait to flex muscles and play major geopolitic games. Whole day XJP zhu yi in 20-30min of CCTV news...... Contrast with LKY who insisted SG is Developing, not Developed country ...
lylcnn Wrote: (23-06-2024, 12:46 PM) -- Seems unless PAP makes grave mistakes like 6.9M white paper, otherwise Oppos no chance lah.... -- They hv made many grave mistakes and countless flaws, not onl...
Tax and tariffs are not exactly the same. Full taxes are also imposed on cars made in Singapore, not just cars made overseas. If the tax is only on imported cars, then that would be a tariff.
I alway see things like what it will be in corporate world. If the vendor is in the job for too long and overcharging you, then it is time to change the vendor. Of coz, at work you change vendor...
If Shanghai stock not moving far, dun think HSI can go far. Also, presently, fast money is moving btw China and HK.
moonrab Wrote: (19-06-2024, 02:39 PM) -- Move to de-dollarise Nambiar agreed that Malaysia‚Äôs decision to join BRICS suggests that Asean nations are hedging their bets to ‚Äúde-dollarise‚ÄĚ given that ...
sgbuffett Wrote: (19-06-2024, 06:59 AM) -- China depends on EU and US to absorb its exports...but maintain  poor relations with them. Instead Xi pivot to Russia and support Russia in its Ukraine inva...
sgbuffett Wrote: (19-06-2024, 02:05 AM) -- -- Trump once said he like C...
This news from PBOC might excite the China and HK stock but not for long. Too little to put out the fire. Quote: -- On June 17, the People's Bank of China (hereinafter referred to as the "Central...
at the moment there is no any reits worth to invest u can buy cheap now 2 mths later can be cheaper n cheaper yr yields is not enough to cover the loss come again after sep/oct
WhatDoYouThink! Wrote: (15-06-2024, 09:23 PM) -- I'd ordered butane solders from china thru shopee before. First 4 times ok, but last time couldn't go thru their customs and got a refund No harm t...
The investors just blindly follow the US and European market. US market actually went down just like DOW and Nasdaq/S&P propped up by a few component stocks. Europe has just cut the interest rate. ...
Stock market jin jialat today. US market could be lagi susah come Wednesday.
The only good way to save electricity is to dump your aircon and water heater. Now I start to shower with cold water for this period of hot weather. I don’t feel the water is cold at all.
It will take at least 3 to 6 months to see the results of the policy implementation.  The first few weeks should see the FOMO groups rushing in to buy.  The shanghai property index is still not showin...
sgbuffett Wrote: (08-06-2024, 05:31 PM) -- When I spoke to the GP at polyclinic she thinks it's not serious but I said I want to really check out and rule out more serious she said urol...
sgbuffett Wrote: (06-06-2024, 10:20 AM) -- You are right! Top Traders catch such moves and make. -- The S&P500 and Nasdaq hit all-time highs while the Dow stayed flat,  anticipating an M-formation ...
They lay traps in the morning and collect them when the market closes. Never fail for many days. They are laughing their way to the banks.
teaserteam Wrote: (31-05-2024, 10:19 AM) -- Gap covered but it sounds like a trap. Breaking below the gap just covered would be disastrous.
Gap covered but it sounds like a trap. Breaking below the gap just covered would be disastrous. (
Not only Nikkei investors will dump. so will investors in other bourses. The US stock has started to yield. The Global stock market is not looking too good.