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Not all banks penalised early FD withdrawal. Only DBS eat into your principal as penalty. The rest just give zero interest and some give pro-rated based on board rate not zero interest
they are pest. the no know trying to teach the know. keep appearing in youtube. jumping up and down like monkey. hope they go find a proper job instead of hurting innocent forks.
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not all taiwanese are against unification peacefully. not all taiwanese want a taiwan as a country. chinese need to work with friendly people. not work against the whole country. divide and conquer i...
170 Peter is a great example of the tenacity of the deaf community that inspires us every day to ensure...
sgbuffett Wrote: (22-01-2023, 09:08 AM) -- Eventually robots will build robots Only a handful needed to design the new robots. Rest of man kind is not needed for jobs. -- We need to go back socia...
K88 shu shu Wrote: (22-01-2023, 08:21 AM) -- in this internet era, still believe in nonsense ? -- Try marry an animal sign that's bad for u. See what happened to u. Guarantee u die pain pain hor.
sgbuffett Wrote: (21-01-2023, 08:13 AM) -- The Ukraine war could have been totally avoid if Putin did not decide to start it. TS, thinking is twisted ...its like saying rape victim is stupid becau...
sgbuffett Wrote: (21-01-2023, 09:40 AM) -- I try the gym at various sports hub it is cheaper but .more crowded.....end up its either SAFRA or forget it. -- SAFRA is a good choice. Price is definitely...
281 ( Already said that's a bullish fractal signal for trend reversal in oct. For mid and long investors, no need ...
人生各有志,终不为此移,同知埋身剧,心亦有所施。 Success doesn't mean drive big cars and live in condos.
take profit nao market correction for next few weeks but IMO overall US MKT still in a uptrend for next 6-12mth
still remember back in Good old days 80s, my parents do labour works still can feed me , offer me decent foods even come Hawker foods, Almost daily can afford to eat Zi char , satay can order ...
really good luck to sg with this kind of mgmt at helm
Better to keep the numbers low So far, only a few nicks here are constructive and grateful for this forum The rest are parasites and some with ulterior dark and gay motives Dun say I say, you...
to each his own but i also wont give because i intend to spend all..
sgbuffett Wrote: (16-01-2023, 07:36 AM) -- My third shot affected me. But I am just one sample it is not evidence. Does not disprove coincidence. -- My wife and I had taken a 4th Jab, (2nd ...
That is my conclusion too. No one except the insiders can predict the movement of stocks. Better to put into ETFs. I see that some ETFs are about to run, maybe time to put in some money.
I never spent a single cents on courses except my poly diploma and overseas degree
Take first class or business class so what. Why create a tiktok to brag about it. It's often these newly rich "influencer" that do this.
WhatDoYouThink! Wrote: (09-01-2023, 10:31 AM) -- Aiya, ppl transferred millions aso no problem -- I'm no millionaire in cash but I have assets in a few M.
WhatDoYouThink! Wrote: (09-01-2023, 10:29 AM) -- To transfer in is very easy. To transfer out is not so straightforward. If you manage to get to the correct link, still ok. -- Correct. That's wh...
Go and queue and transact is better and safer. If transfer wrongly on your own, it is very, very, very troublesome just to get back your money.
I bought Mapletree NAC at 66c in 2020 March. Then, it was merged with another Mapletree Reit last year.   I did nothing. Finally, they bought over my Mapletree NAC and paid me cash.   I found th...
REITs is not safe.. a normal biz paying 5% and reit paying 5% is 2 different game.. normal biz usually pay div using 30% to 50% of cash flow meaning they continue to reinvest and put aside money for r...
I already hinted few years back .. but who care investors looking for yield .. some ah gong kia even said REIT = safe Haven.. I sure some already gone to Haven now ..  :clapping
Sharexchange Wrote: (30-12-2022, 09:33 AM) -- Got other better forum meh ? -- SGTalk forum.
forum456 Wrote: (29-12-2022, 07:20 PM) -- sgbuffet is a not stranger. sgbuffet is a free of charge genius consultant escorted by a staff (his friend) to save a computer from heart attack. -- I s...
WhatDoYouThink! Wrote: (18-12-2022, 09:46 PM) -- Screen so small, need binoculars? -- I'm watching WC final in my MBS club room with a 60 in tv, shiok.
lvlrsSTI Wrote: (18-12-2022, 01:57 PM) -- Yalor! :laughing -- Bought the TV from Harvey Norman and they said if I can find cheaper price anywhere in Spore, they will match…so later I found the same...
Mr Loo is a market bull. what he thought a stock rally is just a relief rally because the next crash is coming in next year's recession. do you think US inflation can fixed by raising interest rat...
p1acebo Wrote: (14-12-2022, 01:05 PM) -- Alamak another orh puey again :( --
No doubt Ronaldo is the most recent greatest Portuguese soccer player of all time. My late Dad mention about Eusebio but that is too early. Mine knowledge of great Portuguese soccer player is Luis Fig...
wow….ccp lickers really one kind…even good person want to slander in death… really shameful trash ccp lickers :rolleyes:
I bought Brazil 2 Croatia 1. $5 pay$42
in uk voted brexit and they voted for other party Singapore must learn that there are other party who can rule Singapore as well as the PAP Singapore must learn to vote for other party