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hansamu Wrote: (02-08-2022, 11:57 PM) -- Not welcome but insist to gate crash to cho luan, pcb. -- Most evil provocative witch. :thumbs_down:
YummyKing Wrote: (30-07-2022, 01:19 AM) -- Heard no wedding photos also! -- Got lah. Never check si sua gong.
Some Indonesians are not muslims. They eat pork. In Singapore there are Chinese selling prata and Malays selling hor fun too, rare but nothing surprising.
Huliwang Wrote: (05-07-2022, 07:56 AM) -- I failed to understand why this elderly must appealed to use his medisave. All along I thought this is automatic because when I see a specialist at SGH some ...
Name the shop and address and post on social media. Let people decide.
I doubt they have anyone to inspect works done by their contractors. The flats at my place used to external wall tiles. After some years, some of the tiles fell off. When renovation was carried out...
They never wear harness anchored to the gondola?
A police report should have been lodged. Hope the culprit will be dealt with accordingly.
Hahahaha, I nearly fell off my chair.
Now it does not matter whether they had used 50 screws or 100 screws. The fact is the false ceiling collapsed. The owner had been screwed by the contractor who themselves got screwed eventually.
To monitor evasion? Wtf to do with Canada which is so far away?
Case closed as the driver had returned to pay up the bill.
E gong jiao wei. Australia has changed government many times and their "computer" has not crashed. This new government has just won the election and straight away, the PM and FM flew to Tokyo fo...
Because the United States of America is the greatest country in the world, bullying many others and creating wars to sell outdated weapons.
It is irresponsible for the tik toker to post old video to cause alarm the the general public.
I don't think so. Can check on line all the merchants that accept the vouchers.
I think the objection here is the use of the national code of arms which is a gazetted and it cannot be used without permission.
Why not Motor cycle collided into the rear of taxi?
The hawker is unlucky to encounter this si gin nia. Family education has failed.
" i was scared that if i stood up and walk away , it will show even more as i was wearing my school uniform" Which school uniform is showing too much?
I am wondering how 1 1/2 cups of basmati rice is enough for 8 persons for one meal! A 5-kg bag of rice would last them for 2 months! Are they eating enough?
That is the trait of the white mafiah! Double standards. What they do is fair, democratic with human rights! My bloody balls!
He is likely to return to Pasir Ris Punggol GRC replacing TCH.
Why smoke? It is a very selfish act. Now where to find another job, if he has a family to feed?
These contractors should be jailed and fined jiak lat jiak lat!
By all means condemn lah, but don't sanction!
cf9 Wrote: (06-03-2022, 11:18 AM) -- qing shen rong yi, song shen nan. -- 一点也不难! They gong jiao wei, vto!