AMDK kan WP for being anti FT sia

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(21-05-2022, 07:47 AM)Bigiron Wrote:  [Image: 52086031578_9545b112af_b.jpg]

ChowAngMoh can go and die I also don't care lah!
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This shows we must remove more FTs in this country.
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Angmos can just shut up.

Before: At your service; After: Serves you right!
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Foreign Interference
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Actually PAP is the one that is stupid. Singaporeans don't really care about foreign workers coming in but are more concerned about foreign PMETS who come here and do the jobs that Singaporeans can do but are somehow deprived of.
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Not say all rah, Some Expat actually don't like current PAP. Perhaps they more on CECA forget expats
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CEO of "Black Marketing" agency

Why do we need 5 Mayors and 80 PAP Ministers? 

Now I know that even ang- moh is also

brainless, stupid, talk cock and merely full of verbal diahreah

and have no idea about what is happening here

nor the difference between EP and WP holders


Why do we need 5 Mayors and 80 PAP Ministers? 
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Is town council RFQ in Gebiz? If yes, maybe take a look at the requirements loh..

Maybe there is a requirement saying x% of the team to serve SKTC must be local, that why even the current company cannot meet the requirement. Then the question is, as someone staying in SK GRC, are you supportive or not with such a requirement?

Only those in SK GRC get to say something, not u, me, or Chris J. "Mohawk" Reed (unless he is a resident of SK GRC)..

On the other extreme, is SKTC requirements are the same as any other TC, but just no company put up a bid? In that case, you know something is wrong.. Which lead back to the earlier call of should all housing estate management be done by NEA like the good old days for economic of scale, or let individual TC handle their own, which may resulted in higher cost.

1. I have served the nation in a combat unit for 2.5 + 10 years. I had fulfilled my duty as a citizen, but has the country do it's part for me?
2. I don't know where the threat of CCP is, but I know the threat of CECA is already at my doorsteps
3. I had been called a CCP, JHK, Pinoy, but they never called me a CECA..

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