Andaz Singapore

Andaz Singapore gifts the extremely discerning traveler a luxurious nest of classy modernity whilst espousing a design philosophy which pays proper tributes to both Indian and Malay heritages arising from the culturally rich Kampong Glam neighbourhood it is embedded in.

Housed within DUO, a pair of skyscrapers boasting latticed facades of hexagonal panes (courtesy of award-winning German architect Ole Scheeren), it seeks to dazzle with the provision of sprawling function venues, an open concept culinary hub serving largely local fare and impeccably furnished guest rooms.

[Image: 20171112-164217-01-01-02.jpg]

[Image: 20171112-160334-02-02.jpg]

[Image: 20171112-161626-01.jpg]

[Image: 20171113-103938-01.jpg]

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Hi! Very nice sharing what you have done. These views really look lavish and comfortable. I think all the visitors should enjoy these lavish facilities. All the things look well managed and well designed. I like all the parts of this hotel but I like the pool area the most.

Going to have fun niagara falls ny tours package.

Hai!! pinkypanther You share about Andaz Singapore its this hip hotel in a striking high-rise building with a honeycomb and with hiking i really enjoy this and This hotel rooms are very beauty full and i really like to take visit in this place. i like to take this again and again. This sight [Image: images?q=tbn:ANd9GcSThoNKBYJRzgZbE-rIymh...Q&usqp=CAU] is very close for me.

No promotion now... too bad.

I have no idea about Andaz Singapore gift shop but your sharing stuff increase my eager to know the specialty of this place in detail. Does anyone like to shrae here?

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