Are Gaming Chairs Worth It?

Are Gaming Chairs Worth It?

    What Makes The Perfect Gaming Chair?


    Obviously, one of the important factors to consider when choosing a Gaming Chair is how comfortable it is. The chances are you’re going to be parking your behind in it for a good chunk of time, so you need to make sure it’s providing enough comfort to keep you well focussed on gaming rather than the creeping numbness in your backside.

    Gaming chairs have been built with comfort in mind – manufacturers are well aware that we gamers have no time limit when it comes to smiting the Alliance in WoW, or blundering through battle royales in Fortnite – which also ties into ergonomics

    Does the chair have enough lumbar support? Is it designed for someone of your height and build? Are the armrests adjustable? There are a lot of ergonomic factors that can harm your alignment when you’re sat down. Handrail Gaming Chairs are meant to combat these and keep you comfortable for as long as possible, so make sure that’s what they’re doing.


    When it comes to Game Chair With Footrest, you’re going to be looking at the three most popular material options: leather, fabric, and mesh. They each have their own benefits and drawbacks, so this will all come down to personal preference.

    Leather – Leather is best for aesthetics, as well as being easy to clean thanks to its easy to wipe texture. But, it’s often less durable as it’s usually PU instead of genuine leather.

    Fabric – Fabric is usually more comfortable and more durable than leather or mesh gaming chairs.  Although, you may find it’s a lot more difficult to keep a fabric gaming chair looking clean and fresh, as stains will set more easily, and you can’t usually wipe it down.

    Mesh – Mesh definitely isn’t winning any beauty contests. However, thanks to its high level of breathability it does do a better job of keeping you cool and sweat-free as you game – and the lightweight material can often be a positive for some.

    Space can be a serious concern for many passionate gamers. As a gamer, you have to organize and maintain a lot of things like – cables, gaming headset, keyboard, gaming mouse, PC or laptop, speakers, etc. Sadly, not everyone is blessed with ample space to keep the gaming zone organised and picture perfect.

    Gaming Desks play an un-replaceable role in helping you to create that extra space which would enhance your gaming experience. Either you have a cosy office room or you are sharing a little space for yourself along with your friends in a dorm, you would witness the magic a gaming desk does when you use it.

    The best advantage with gaming desks is that they come in various standard sizes, in a budget that suits every pocket. Gone are the days when you could not find desks specially mentioned for gaming. The present market offers plenty of options for gaming desks –in colours, sizes, models and features.


    When you sit in front of computer for long hours, you know better what you are prone to. Wrist pain, thumb pains, headache, neck pain and such joint pains. If you have been under the notion that gaming desks are only for gamin, rethink again. The entire setup of the Z Shaped Gaming Desk is such that you can use it for multiple purposes – work, personal use and gaming. Most gaming desks are designed ergonomically so that they do not distract you and you will have no pain or discomfort during and after your gaming session. You can peacefully focus on your gaming or other work that you do on your laptop or PC when you set up a gaming desk in your room.

    Ever heard of carpal tunnel syndrome? This is something related to numbness of the thumb and fingers owing to prolonged usage of keyboard and mouse. In fact many gamers have been out of the gaming arena just because of the inconvenience caused by this syndrome. So why risk? When you have prevention, it is always wiser to opt for it instead of going to a cure at the last.

    Bring on a gaming desk and keep rocking your gaming sessions without any inconvenience or troubling your body.

    It’s no exaggeration to claim that the Office Chair is one of the most important design objects in our daily lives: the average white collar worker spends five and a half hours a day sitting at work.

    Given the modern materials, clean lines and mechanical complexity of high-end office chairs today, it may be surprising to learn that the office chair as we know it today was born more than a century ago. By tracking how the office chair evolved with the changing nature of work, we can better understand how we ended up sitting on kinetic sculptures of mesh and metal today, and where the office chair might go next.

    The Industrial Revolution Gave Birth To Office Chairs

    Before the nineteenth century, most of the global workforce was employed in agrarian labor—an “office chair” was only relevant for the wealthy, government officials and academics. In fact, Charles Darwin is the earliest known adopter of a proto-PU Leather Office Chair, grafting wheels onto a normal chair in the 1840s so he could swivel between specimens. It goes without saying that this was a fairly uncommon use case.

    Then came the railroad, the advent of manufacturing, and the Industrial Revolution. As the traditional model of labor was upended, more administrative workers were needed for logistical coordination and bookkeeping, and the concept of general and administrative workers was born. Businesses empowered by rail access in scaling and expanding to new markets employed more and more people—creating a cadre of middle managers.

    This was the first time in history that productivity accrued on a mass scale from people sitting indoors. As white collar workers became a crucial economic resource for the first time, their bosses began to recognize the value of making them comfortable.

    Mid-1800s: Victorian Design

    Enter the first mass production office chair: the Centripetal Office Chair, designed by the inventor Thomas Warren and launched by the American Chair Company in 1851 at the Great Exhibition in London. The example depicted to the right now sits in the Brooklyn Museum.

    It looks dated, but the Mesh Office Chair was surprisingly functional by today’s standards. Made of cast iron and upholstered in velvet, the chair’s standard features included full tilt movement enabled by four large springs concealed in the frame, a revolving seat, and casters for movement.

    The chair sold poorly outside the United States, because the Victorian norms prevailing in the Anglophone world at the time viewed comfortable seating as immoral. The Centripetal Chair was too ergonomic for its time.

    The quality of wood materials for Office Desks varies greatly. Hardwoods such as mahogany, walnut, cherry, or oak have been staples in offices since time began, and they are particularly handsome in their many designs. However, with the high quality of solid wood desks come high costs. To minimize this, desks manufactured with hardwood veneers over particleboard have surfaced. As one would expect, with the lower price of such options comes lower quality. These desks do not weather heavy usage for as long as the solid wood options, and as such, need replacement, maybe before your budget is ready.

    Wood, however, offers a timeless beauty to any office, and with the versatility of design elements in the woodworking itself, as well as varieties of stains and paints, there’s virtually nothing a Wood Office Desk cannot be, design-wise.

    There is a balance to be had with using glass for the office desks. They’re durable insofar as they’re not likely to wear the same way as wood, but they’re a mix of sturdy and fragile. They offer quite an array of configurations, making them optimal for creative or multi-use projects. But put them in a harsher environment—such as manufacturing or high traffic usage—and the risk of breakage is necessary to consider. Tempered glass can minimize safety risks somewhat, but they’re more suited to professional environments.

    Their framing can be part of the aesthetic, as well, with metal or wood supports and frames, which can really set off the beauty of the glass. Available in smoky colors, tinted, or even frosted, they’re an elegant consideration for any professional office.

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