Goodwood Park Hotel

First opened more than a century ago as a clubhouse for the German expatriate community, Goodwood Park Hotel today exemplifies an abundance of classy heritage which indulges in luxurious, ornamental excesses of the Victorian era. Its tower wing block (since gazetted as a national monument of Singapore) in particular boasts a castle-like facade possibly inspired by the Queen Ann Revival style of architecture.

Nestled in a garden-like plot of luxuriant foliage and landscaped greenery spanning 6 hectares in aggregate, the 3-storey property offers an inventory of 233 guest rooms, two onsite swimming pools (Main and Mayfair areas) plus a modestly sized gym.

[Image: ZfHOTex.png]

[Image: EjSRvT3.png]

[Image: HmhFC9N.png]

[Image: 20180623-165632-01.jpg]

[Image: 20180624-104757-02.jpg]

[Image: 20180623-201534-01.jpg]

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Thanks for updating us about Goodwood Park Hotel. This is a new place for me and never use for having a good stay. By the way, do let me share about its one per night stay money. Hope you will like to share here.

Furiture look very old style

it does look old heh

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