LW: I'm learning to be a real estate agent

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How can we have a PM who is still learning the basic?
He should be the best and excelled over the rest.
If we really need a good property agent we can look at
PropNex, ERA Realty, Huttons Asia, OrangeTee & Tie or Proprty Guru
Why should we pay million to an amateur to learn?
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He really lose a lot to ex pm goh

Means our housing too complicated.
Just simplify la...

Try to copy Donald trump  the real real estate investor

No need to brush up on prostitution.
Their open legs policies are world class.
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he should learn to be a crematorium attendant and use his skills on his fellow colleagues for infesting the entire nation with their wants and gains

after a day work,
also can't have a comfort ride back home in the subway and need to wait for few train later due to the heavy foreign infestation
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Cant he just get the real estate agencies CEOs and MDs in line for his instructions? Why he need to get certified like them?
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(04-05-2023, 07:22 PM)Ydynamite Wrote:  He really lose a lot to ex pm goh
You may hv the wrong perception. Lao Goh is neither good too.
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He never said Location, stupid?

Quote:When four-room BTOs cost $40,000 four decades ago, the median household income was around $900, and a family would use about 25 per cent of their income to service the loan.
But today, median household incomes have increased ten times, from $900 to $9,000.
“So BTO flat prices have in fact moved in tandem with incomes,” he said, adding, “So if we do a proper comparison, a fair comparison, BTO flats remain affordable. The typical household now continues to use less than 25 per cent of their income to service the loan, like in 1980.”
Nerd From the mouth of a real estate agent  with yoosed car salesman ethos.  Hot

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