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Zelensky Admits Ukraine’s Inability to Go on Counter offensive
 4 hours ago  March 25, 2023

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Ukrainian President Vladimir Zelensky has admitted that his country’s army is currently unable to launch a counteroffensive in the east, explaining this by a lack of necessary weapons.
“We can’t start yet. We can’t send our brave soldiers to the front line without tanks, artillery and HIMARS [multiple launch rocket systems],” Zelensky said in an interview with Yomiuri Shimbun daily.
He continued, saying that the situation in the country’s east is “unfavorable” and that Ukraine is currently waiting for its allies to supply it with weaponry.
This comes shortly after Zelensky beseeched European leaders to deliver lethal weapons at a faster rate than they are being delivered, as he addressed a gathering of his EU allies via video link from a Ukrainian train.
He further warned that any delays in sending fighter jets and long-range missiles could prolong the war.
It is worth noting that Ukraine has constantly pleaded with its Western allies to send modern warplanes and long-range missiles. However, most of Kiev’s backers have so far refused to provide Western-made aircraft.
Supplying Ukraine with Western jets or allowing the use of foreign airfields by Ukrainian jets to attack Russian targets would, according to Russia, be considered “the involvement of these states in armed conflict.” So far, this consideration has driven the US and NATO decision-making on how they aid Ukraine, which is why it seems that the West may back down on supplying Ukraine with fighter jets, at least for the time being.
Source: Agencies

【張雅婷辣晚報】武器嚴重短缺! 澤倫斯基承認"烏克蘭目前無法發起反攻" @CtiNews 精華版
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(16-01-2023, 12:40 PM)Notdumb Wrote:  Stupid civilians still don't run but support a fark up Gov....just like sinkees....never learn.

Zelensky Calls on Countries to Provide More Weapons to heop Ukraine to try to fight off Putin's Russia soldiers and their prison Wagner fighters.

(16-01-2023, 12:54 PM)Migrant Wrote:  Zelensky is a clown. 
The west is enjoying his show. 
Add weapons to end the war? 
Must be a magician's joke.
Yet, he got what he wanted.
Dumb gets dumber.
All is USA Fault, ...  Clapping

(16-01-2023, 03:09 PM)Manthink Wrote:  That guy ex-comedian talks more and more like a US military person than the president of Ukraine....

No Ukraine offensive without more weapons – Zelensky

(26-03-2023, 04:34 PM)Tee tiong huat Wrote:  No Ukraine offensive without more weapons – Zelensky

He should go for peace talks instead. They don't give you weapons you die liao still wanna act defiant and rebellious?

Zelensky Party Chief: Ukraine to Increase Mobilization if Russia Deploys Tactical Nukes in Belarus. David Arakhamia, the leader of Zelensky's "Servant of the People" party in the Ukrainian parliament. Speaking in an interview with Sky News on Monday, Mar. 27, David Arakhamia, the leader of Zelensky's "Servant warned Ukraine should be prepared for an increased mobilization if Russia hands over nuclear weapons to Belarus.

"While we don't believe that this will happen, the events of the past year have shown that anything is possible. No one believed, for instance, that Russia would invade on such scale," Arakhamia said.

If Belarus acquires nuclear weapons from Russia, it could lead to the opening of a second front.

I saw a video of dead mercenary soldiers ?fighting on Ukraine side. Poland Croatia insignia I think.

Putin already has a bounty on his head it makes no difference if he pushes a nuke or 2
Lukashenko is a good friend indeed.

Live: Ukraine acknowledges Russian advance in Bakhmut

By Edna Mohamed
Published On 30 Mar 2023
30 Mar 2023

[Image: 2023-03-16T194206Z_873045501_RC2YUZ97B07...quality=80]A Ukrainian volunteer tries to convince a resident to evacuate from near the front line, in Chasiv Yar [Violeta Santos Moura/Reuters]

The General Staff of the Ukrainian Armed Forces acknowledges that Russian forces have had a “degree of success” in storming Bakhmut as both sides continued fighting for the city.

[Image: Russia-Ukraine-war-Today-s-latest-from-Al-Jazeera.png]

(30-03-2023, 06:52 PM)Dan Wrote:  [Image: Russia-Ukraine-war-Today-s-latest-from-Al-Jazeera.png]

Zelensky is a Jews and yet he allow his armed forces with Nazi elements. I guess he is desperate for manpower so he look the other way.
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Hahaha..... it's like putting Leong Mun Wai as the Speaker of Parliament

Ukraine decries 'symbolic blow' as Russia takes helm of UN Security Council
[Image: Ukraine-decries-symbolic-blow-as-Russia-...ouncil.png]

Russia's presidency of the UN Security Council for the month of April is "a slap in the face to the international community", Ukraine's Foreign Minister Dmytro Kuleba added on Saturday.

"I urge the current UNSC members to thwart any Russian attempts to abuse its presidency," Kuleba said on Twitter.

(FRANCE 24 with Reuters)

France see US no up

France believes only China can deliver Ukraine peace deal – CNN
Beijing's involvement could be a “game changer” for both sides, an anonymous official told the US broadcaster
[Image: 64284e5285f5406f5b6848bc.jpg]
China’s power and close relationship with Moscow means it may be “the only country on Earth” capable of brokering a deal in Ukraine, a source within the French presidency told CNN on Friday. The reported comment comes ahead of French President Emmanuel Macron's visit to Beijing next week.

“It’s obvious that China is one of the few countries on Earth – maybe the only country in the world – to have a ‘game-changer’ effect on the conflict, for both sides,” the source said.

2023 Meduza

In anticipation of a major move against NATO

Russian regular military conscription campaign kicks off
Russia’s routine spring conscription has begun, the RBK portal reported, citing a decree by President Vladimir Putin.

According to Vladimir Tsimlyansky, Rear Admiral of the General Staff, about 147,000 of the 700,000 potential conscripts have been called up. But none would go to fight in Ukraine, he stressed.

The first of the two campaigns this year will last until July 15.

Russian men between the ages of 18 and 27 are required to carry out at least one year of military service.

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